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By Paul Losch

Styrophome Recyling

Uploaded: Jan 2, 2011

My kids gave me as a Christmas present a new toaster oven! (OK, they also gave me a set of DVD's commemerating the awesome SF Giants 2010 baseball season, including a disk for every game of the World Series. Thanks Nathan and Adrienne.)

At the end of the day, I likely will use the new toaster oven, much needed, than I will watch all these Giants DVD's.

Packaging: the toaster oven had the typical packing materials inside, including a couple of styrophome (do I have the spelling right?) backers to keep the product intact. All well and good.

I went to the PA Baylands recycling center the other day, and guess what? Styroform, however you spell it, no longer is accepted. I inquired why to a worker there, and he stated that there is no market for recycled styrofoam. (And I still cannot get the spelling figured out.)

There is a larger point than my spelling limitations.

An item such as I received as a gift this season could have been packaged without materials than cannot be recycled. The "bumpers" could have easily been made of corrugated materials and protect the product just as effectively, with recyclable products.

This is the sort of issue that starts at the local level, and can grow to from there. Why do we need styro however you spell it in the packaging material?