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By Paul Losch

Incredibly Flawed Senate and Governor Candidates

Uploaded: Sep 30, 2010

I am increasingly disgusted with the character of candidates for State office in California, to whit:

I really have no clue what Senator Barbara Boxer has to show for all her time in Washington, DC.

Jerry Brown was a complete flake as California Governor some 30+ years ago. And he is bragging about it now that he is running again for the same office. What BS.

Meg Whitman is very smart, has been branding herself and talking about her "plan" as if it was like running a brand. Meg has said little or nothing about her "plan" and how it works with a State Assembly and State Senate.

And then today this immigration question came up about a nanny that worked in her household for a number of years. I pass no judgment at this point about the claims of Meg or Meg's nanny, but there clearly are suspicions' that Meg looked the other way for 9 years, in a manner inconsistent with what she has pronounced about immigration policy.

Carly Fiorinia "could not help but think" that Senator Boxer was beholden to certain interest groups. When last night's debate moderator asked Carly to name Barbara's interest groups, she was vague, and specified no entities. Twice. Her campaign was asked the same question today, and could not provide specifics.

The Lt. Gov. candidates both seem OK, but they don't do anything.