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By Paul Losch

Local Book Store Demises

Uploaded: Aug 19, 2010

As nice as Borders on University and Kepler's in Menlo Park are for a book reader and buyer, I suspect neither operation nor others elsewhere are long for this world.

Kepler's nearly closed a few years back and was rescued by some investors who valued it's role in the community.

We lost Printer's Ink a few years back and more recently Know Knew Books on California Avenue.

There was a WSJ story today about the national chain Barnes and Noble being up for sale. Borders also is a national operation. (I actually read about it online, not in the paper itself. What does that tell you?)

This phenomenon is paralleled by the challenges the print media have been going through the last several years.

Clearly the internet, Amazon's Kindle, the IPAD and related technologies have transformed the way many of us choose to get our content. This even more is the case with people my kids' age, who are in the college or recent graduate cohort.

The tough part about this entire and inexorable change is how to moentize content? Apple did a good job with how to sell music and related entertainment. RIP Tower Records, inter alia.

Book stores and print media are staring down the same sort of situation.

And of course I am posting this on-line!