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By Paul Losch

Debacle in the Gulf Of Mexico

Uploaded: May 28, 2010

There are no heroes in this debacle.

I am trying to picture myself as the head of BP, Sec'y of Interior Salazar, and as what I perceived to be an exhausted POTUS yesterday in his press conference about this debacle.

All helpless.

To be in such positions and to not be able to get the job done must be incredibly frustrating. To feel responsible for the consequences of what is happening must be haunting.

This is just one big mess, in many senses of the word.

I tend to favor the Press, but in this case, I think they have been off the mark. It is so easy to raise questions and express about this disaster, but how constructive is the reporting?

I watched the press confereence with the President yesterday, and it seemed to me to be a "gotcha" series of questions. Helen Thomas, who has been at press conferences since Washington was in office, provided some relief when she asked about Afghanistan.

I lived in a Gulf Coast state growing up, and this is just an awful thing. There are many people whose lives will change as a result of this.

Enjoy your shrimp, crawdads, and catfish.