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By Paul Losch

Tea Party at PA Post Office?

Uploaded: May 5, 2010

I was taking care of some company business this afternoon with Wells Fargo and the downtown PA post office at the corners of Waverley and Hamilton.

Maybe it was the time of day--it was earlier for me than when I typically am there, but there did appear to be some "Tea Partiers" on the Post Office side of the corner.

I had to go right past them, and elected to not try to engage in any sort of dialog, since they had several posters with a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache with copy that said "Impeach Obama." There also was a poster of a African American guy that was part of the display, and since I just wanted to get past the white man and white woman managing this display, I have no idea who he is or why there was a poster of him.

The folks "running" that corner did not come across to me as ones who were interested in meaningful discussion. Besides, I was running errands for work, not cruising downtown.

They did come across to me as what has emerged as "Tea Partiers" in the last year. Fascinating implications that folks with this perspective on things are showing up in college towns. Stanford has a conservative bent overall, but the intellectual capacity on the Farm is beyond reproach.

A Hitler mustache on a picture of our President Obama? Come on.