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By Paul Losch

Calif. GOP Politics At This Point

Uploaded: Apr 16, 2010

I want to make it clear that I think all the people running for Governor and US Senator on the GOP side are actually fine people, to be admired for what they have done in their lives. So far.

So why the hell are they pandering to California citizens they way they are? And I choose my words carefully, not Republican voters, California citizens.

Let's start with the Governator replacement:

Meg Whitman is back to her brand manager days at Procter and Gamble in the campaign. She talks up her "product benefits," and uses her marketing campaign to suggest that her "product" compares much better than Steve Poizner's "product."

Steve Poizner is from the Silicon Valley, and he has apparently decided that his strategy to get the nomination is to put all his resources into the San Joaquin Valley, according to a friend of mine in Fresno, with a very conservative message that likely would not go over well 'round here. How ironic that a guy who actually values the diversity we have around this part of the world is avoiding this area in his campaign.

I listen to sports games on the radio, but I do not buy Bud Light, despite the constant ads. Sorry Meg, the "frequency" does not work for me, but you definitely are "reaching."

I wish that Poizner would stay in his current job. He seems to have the right background and temperament for it.

As for Jerry Brown, the apparent Democratic opponent: he appears to still be a cheapskate, certainly compared to Meg and Steve. I shudder to think what will happen on the GOP side, whoever the nominee is, during the general campaign. Brown has so much baggage they will not have enough money to attack his various records. Not even Meg.

On the Seante side:

The thing that bothers me most about Carly are those weird ads on the internet. It reminds me of the attack ads on Walter Hewlett, son of Bill, when Hewlitt the younger opposed the HP/Compag merger. There is something pathological there.

A la Jerry Brown, we have heard very little from Tom Campbell, who used to hold the Congressional seat now occupied by Anna Eshoo. This guy has an incredible resume, and unlike Brown, I suspect he has a strategy that will present itself to the public in the coming days.

Are these GOP nominations being bought by people who may or may not be the best choices?