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By Paul Losch


Uploaded: Mar 2, 2010

I grew up in Houston, Texas, as did current CA Insurance Commissioner and struggling candidate for Governor Steve Poizner.

The State of Texas had its primaries this week, and the incumbent Governor, Rck Perry, running on a very conservative platform, wiil be facing (for Texas) a liberal former mayor of Houston.

There is much I like about Texas. The climate in Houston is not among them. Texans have a great spirit, value a robust business model, have a generally good public education system, and have a sound government fiscally.

But it ain't California.

I find it ironic that Governor Perry won the nomination to return to the Governor's office in Texas by railing against Washtington, DC. Having been a resident of the state for a number of years, I understand the appeal of his message. What seems to be be missing is the fact that his predecessor up until a little over a year ago was occupying the White House.

The wheels did not fall off the wagon on Janaury 20, 2009 when Obama became President. The seeds were sown over several years prior to his election. So just what is Perry saying? IMHO, he is not saying anything, he just is tapping into the frustration of many and the Texas "bad-ass" streak that attends voters in the State.

In some ways, Texas is its own country. Many Texans certainly act like it is. I am not sure that is a healthy thing for the other 49 states.