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By Paul Losch

California--Leading Indicator

Uploaded: Feb 16, 2010

In the past, this was a source of pride, now it is a shameful thing.

Although I am registered as a Democrat, I really miss Ronald Reagan and his motto "Thou shall not talk ill of a fellow Republican."

Here in this State, we have Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman vying for the GOP governator slot, and they are at each other's throats, most of which is not in the public domain.

And there is that extremely bizarre Carly Fiorina ad attacking one of the finest public servants we have had in recent years, Tom Campbell.

It is all well and good for there to be "healthy" competition for a nomination for a statewide seat, but these folks are displaying a pattern of unhealthy behavior that is now part of the national scene as well.

Then there continue the intractable budget problems this State faces. The legislative branch does not appear capable of working with the Governator, let alone with each other

Indiana US Senator Even Bayh, a moderate guy from a conservative state (and I once lived there) is so fed up with DC that even though he was a shoe-in for re-election, he has decided life is too short. I can't blame him.

California is dysfunctional. I honestly do not understand what our leadership in Sacramento is all about. It may not be their fault, but rather some of the crazy things around propositions that are presenting the cumulative consequences. IMHO it is both.

And the country is on the same trajectory. Bill Clinton left office with a budget surplus, and W left office with the treasure completely depleted. Record deficits under his watch, a great deal of it relating to the war efforts swept under the rug and not even reflected in the deficits. I read today that Senator Bayh co-sponsored a few weeks ago a federal deficit budget reduction bill with some Republican Senators. When the bill came up for a vote, the GOP Senators voted against the very bill they had co-sponsored.

Go figure.

So much posturing at our State and National capitals, with so little to show for it, despite some important issues that need to be taken seriously.

My forecast: it is going to get worse.