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By Paul Losch

An Angry" American Person" and Small Businessman

Uploaded: Dec 19, 2009

I don't think I am the only American Person who is insulted by the invocation by both sides of the aisle in Congress, especially the Senate, about what "The American People" want in this health care matter.

Senators need to take advantage of their excellent health care program to spend time with mental health professionals. There are many of them who need to connect reality with the rhetoric they espouse. I am sure there are plenty of therapists in the Beltway who can include these clowns on their already full patient loads.

I am a small business owner, and the Republicans claim to represent folks like me. They sure as hell are not, from my vantage point.

Talk about how important supporting small businesses in this country is blather from what I can tell.

Insurance of all sorts are a huge expense for small businesses--it really SUCKS! General Liability, Workmans Compensation, Health Care for Employees, etc. are huge overhead expenses that seem to go up every year, regardless of the state of the business or the economy. At least that is my experience.

This American Person wants to know what can be done, beyond the bogus notion of the banking industry re-opening credit to the country's small businesses, to make it more affordable to have the types of insurance coverage that a responsible small business owner should have. Health care is part of it, but it goes beyond that.

"The American People?" Give me a break. The folks on Capitol Hill are just acting in a partisan matter, jockeying for position. It has nothing to do with the supposed "American People" they claim to speak for.

GOP Senator Graham from South Carolina put it better than anyone else has, to paraphrase: the people voted, and we should follow the vote.

And it ain't gonna happen.