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By Paul Losch

"Cash For Clunkers" Car Buying

Uploaded: Aug 8, 2009

I fervently hope that this program is having the purported positive impact on car sales and the general economy that led Congress to add $2 billion before they all went home to be shouted at by people around the health care matter.

I am skeptical that it is more than a short term program. If it helps for the next few weeks or months, great. But the real test is how the restructuring of GM and Chrysler will pan out for these very troubled companies.

The cynic in me notes that one of the guys who lost out at the GE CEO job, Bob Nardelli, subsequently flamed out at Home Depot and then at Chrysler. Darwin applies to people, companies, and to species.

On a more personal note, I have a lady friend in San Franscisco who needs to get a new car. She told me that getting her clunker qualified for the program was very confusing, and did not work in her case, as best as she could tell.

But, she also perceived that she was treated a certain way as a woman by herself trying to get another car. She told me that it was like there was a script for a person who fit her profile.

So here are my questions:

Are GM and Fiat/Chrsyler, shed of the obligations that made them uncompetitive with the likes of Honda and Toyota, able to compete and win in the marketplace?

Why is it that a woman trying to buy a car is poorly treated?