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By Paul Losch

National Health Care Policy

Uploaded: Jul 29, 2009

This clearly is a complex, contentious, and at times confusing subject facing the country right now.

One thing I have not heard or read a great deal about is whether there are some incremental improvements that most lawmakers can agree to this year.

Most of the press seems to be painting this to be an all or nothing imbrolgio, with certain Republicans claiming it will be President Obama's Waterloo, and the partisan Democrats trying to raise money for ads to support the bills that the majority party is working on.

A great deal of what I hear and read on what are respected broadcast and print media seems to lose sight of what is in the interest of the American public. The focus is on the political "battle."

And given how intractable this matter is, is there another way that gets some big things done in the short term, but allows some gaps and unknowns that can be re-visited after a bill that is passed can be evaluated after a period of time?