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By Paul Losch


Uploaded: Apr 9, 2009

I have a blog coming up around Palo Alto needing a genuine, bona fide revenue strategy. In the meantime...

This nonsense with pirates holding huge commercial ships hostage is ridiculous. When it comes to international cooperation, this is a no brainer. Isn't the United States Navy, among others, charged with making sure commercial activity on the seas is free and unfettered? And aren't there a few other countries with navies that can help with this sort of protection?

This may be another example, 9/11 being the most tragic of them, that our military capabilities are more focused on a tiny missile from North Korea that has Cold War connections, when the real safety and stability of the world is in need of a major paradigm shift by our military and defense leaders.

I will posit that an aircraft carrier is not necessary to deal with pirates off the African coast. We need to think Coast Guard here, not "massive force."

I won't go there on Law of Sea or international law, but my hunch that is what most of the discussions at the State Department are focused on. It has its place, but these guys are bandits, well into international waters, and need to be put in their place. Little men, not something to be tolerated, just in need of an appropriate stategy to minimze them. This is not that difficult.

So much for my blogs being about our local community.