Best Of Palo Alto

It's time for blast off! It's Best of 2019, and readers have selected a new group of businesses as the best of the best. Who are these businesses? Like the Apollo 11 astronauts who 50 years ago pushed the limits and went where no man had gone before, these are our local retailers, service providers and restaurants who have taken a giant leap and gone above and beyond the status quo to explore and redefine the notion of "business as usual."

By casting 32,759 votes in 84 categories, Weekly readers decided that these businesses are out of this world. Read their stories inside to find out which California Avenue business makes its own shampoos and skin creams in a lab in the back of the shop, how one working mother turned her fast-and-easy frozen kabobs into a booming restaurant where Indian food is prepared around the clock just to keep up with demand, and where generations of families have gone for nearly 100 years for shakes made from scratch. Also, discover which stellar businesses have won their categories five in years in row and have been inducted into our Hall of Fame.


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Editor: Linda Taaffe