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Instant Family
Whole star
Instant Family Let me first try to be nice to "Instant Family," a comedy-drama about foster care and adoption. The film's premise, "inspired by" co-writer/director Sean Anders' own family life as a husband and father, isn't a bad one for an innocuous family comedy ...... Read the full review

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"Homestead at Palo Alto"
Palo Alto's Alexandra Lee. Photo by Malcolm Slaney. Submitted by Rick Eymer on Sep 5, 2018

A&E Features

Rock like an Egyptian
"This is the story of a love that flourished in a time of hate," sings a character in the opening number of "Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida." Wednesday, 1:51 PM

The chef's bucket list: 47 dishes to eat before you die
We asked a wide range of local culinary insiders to tell us about the food that stood out most to them this year -- the dishes they haven't been able to stop thinking about. Thursday, 11:48 AM

A sharp comedy for dark times
Playwright James Kopp suggesting that Nazis might take control of the United States seems like an all-too-timely warning. Thankfully, the play is packed with laughs. Wednesday, 2:09 PM

Shop Talk: Reach Fitness closes, Blue Bottle to open
In this week's Shop Talk column, read about Reach Fitness Club's closure, ACE Hardware using autonomous cars for deliveries and Blue Bottle Coffee opening a new cafe at Stanford Shopping Center. Thursday, 11:49 AM

Finding Juana
The moment visitors step into the Los Altos History Museum, they're greeted by a wooden awning, painted white and covered in vines. The message is clear: They're entering the home of Juana Briones. Thursday, 9:21 AM | 9 comments

Hey, hey, PA Play(ers)
"All the Way" takes a close look at Lyndon Johnson's first year in office, starting with the assassination of JFK and the Civil Rights Act. Thursday, 9:10 AM

Sublime design
Ge Wang has always been a maker. As a child, he experimented with making clay bricks at his grandparents' home in Bejing, China. As a student and later a professor, he's made music, innovative instruments, apps and programming languages. Now, he's made a book: "Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime." Monday, 2:04 PM

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