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Incredibles 2
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Incredibles 2 The long-awaited sequel “Incredibles 2" fails to reach the heights Pixar's best but remains impressive all the same. It has the hype, cinematic and CGI-animated craft, top vocal talent, and narrative competence. It's just that -- as written a...... Read the full review

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"Net Neutrality protest"
Protest in front of Verizon store on University Avenue. Submitted by Harjanto Sumali on Dec 8, 2017

A&E Features

A guide to summer jazz
Summertime is golden for live jazz on the Peninsula. Thursday, 11:24 AM

Empanadas, anyone?
Venga Empanadas in Redwood City offers at least 18 varieties of Argentine empanadas, both meat and veggie, along with a half-dozen homemade soups, crisp salads, desserts and specialty foods. Thursday, 11:14 AM | 6 comments

Un-American activities
Joe Gilford's "Finks" is a slightly fictionalized story of what his parents (comics and activists Jack Gilford and Madeline Lee Gilford) experienced during the Hollywood blacklistings of the 1950s. Wednesday, 10:42 AM

Renaissance woman
This Friday, artist Rebecca Schiffman will drop by KZSU's studio to chat, perform a few songs and premiere a brand-new single. Tuesday, 10:11 AM

A tuneful tradition

iSing wins international contest

They've got magic to do