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BlacKkKlansman "Do we always have to talk politics?" a man asks. "What's more important?" a woman replies. This exchange in the new Spike Lee joint "BlacKkKlansman" sums up the director's own sweet spot as an artist. No, he doesn't always have to talk politics, but...... Read the full review

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"261 Hamilton St. Palo Alto"
261 Hamilton St. Palo Alto Submitted by salar Hassani on Sep 27, 2014

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Working it out
Always a highlight of the summer arts calendar, TheatreWorks Silicon Valley's New Works Festival this year will include influences from rock and hip-hop music, new spins on classic stories and wholly original tales from a variety of voices. Wednesday, 1:25 PM

The chef and the farmer
Through open dialogue and communal dining, Madera's new monthly Farm Dinner series aims to celebrate the sacred, symbiotic relationship between restaurant and farm. Thursday, 2:06 PM

Regal recycling
Egg cartons, plastic membranes, empty propane canisters and torn denim are probably candidates for the recycle bin in most homes. For artist Tim Hawkinson these objects, and most detritus, are fodder for his imaginative, off-beat assemblages. Wednesday, 1:39 PM

Lights out for utility-box murals
The whimsical murals depicting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly themes on ten utility boxes in Downtown Palo Alto will soon be no more, casualties of the Upgrade Downtown program responsible for repairing and replacing crucial infrastructure in the downtown area. Friday, 1:25 PM

Live at Lytton
On a recent summer evening in Palo Alto's Lytton Plaza, the scene was vibrant. At the heart of it all was Equator, an improv-music duo that listeners can find performing in the plaza on most Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer. Wednesday, 12:59 PM | 1 comments

Gunpowder, treason and plot
So influential to the English language and the world of theater is the work of William Shakespeare that works about the Bard creating that work have become a sub-genre of their own. Bill Cain's "Equivocation" is an example of that genre, with Dragon Productions Theatre Company currently offering an excellent production of it. Wednesday, 1:56 PM | 1 comments

A top-notch jerk joint

Shop Talk: Hello UNTUCKit and Jeffrey; Goodbye China Delight