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"Gunn at Salinas"
Livia Bednaz. Photo by Karen Ambrose Hickey. Submitted by Rick on Nov 5, 2019

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Local roots and global dreams: The Song Gardeners grow their sound
The Song Gardeners (Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn) have been hard at work writing, recording and releasing original songs with empowering messages, in a genre they call New Age pop. Monday, 7:45 PM | 1 comments

Mythology in metal, stories in stone (and on social media)
The artwork of Kelly Morgen is small in scale but rich in meaning. "Every piece has a story," Morgen said. "People seem to really resonate with my work on a deeper level." Tuesday, 10:46 AM

Qualia throws a virtual party to launch new in-person gallery shows
Qualia Contemporary Art is opening two solo exhibitions with an online party April 10 that offers virtual gallery walkthroughs, artists' talks and a Q&A session to allow the audience to interact with the artists. Wednesday, 1:59 PM

Who is included in Filoli's story? New exhibit offers answers
Filoli's "Stories of Resilience" is an exhibition acknowledging some who overcame injustices or were excluded by the historic estate. Tuesday, 5:48 PM

EnActe Arts offers a 'Window on Women'
EnActe Arts' WEFT program offers women writers a space to hone their craft under the guidance of mentors. On April 10, at 5 p.m., the theater company will offer an online showcase of two pieces by WEFT fellow Reena Kapoor. Wednesday, 2:24 PM

'Exquisite Reality' exhibition explores the political power of early photography


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