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RNC fails to light the fire for conservatives

Original post made by Steve Mills on Aug 30, 2012

Think of past conventions and recent political tidal waves or sea changes:

- Sarah Palin igniting the crowd in 2008
- in 2004, Zell Miller unleashed pure fury
- George W Bush had the crowds begging for more in 2000
- in 2010, everyone KNEW deep down change was coming

Not happening this time at the RNC.

Tuesday, after Ann Romney's speech about love and real marriage, Chris Christie had to order the crowd out of their seats. While the race is still tight, a majority of Americans polled believe the president will be reelected, and it shows with the tepid response of the party faithful at the RNC:

"The numbers are startling. Poll after poll shows Obama and Romney roughly even when people are asked the "horse race" question: who do you support for president? But Romney trails Obama badly when the same people are asked: Who do you believe will win?"

The Romney/Ryan ticket will get a small convention bump in the polls, which won't last past the democrat party national convention. After the DNC, the numbers will be obvious. We backed the wrong horse - we needed a fighter without the baggage of the current nominee.

We know we have a legitimate star in young Ryan, and at least that much in Rubio. After that, the bench isn't very deep. Christie's bluster is wearing, what with his economic numbers in NJ. Thune, Daniels? Maybe. The old guard is out -- TPaw, Santorum, Perry, etc.. Maybe Huck tries a run in '16, but that just divide the evangelicals and drag all the candidates into an unproductive fight on social issues, harming the eventual 2016 nominee.

There will be much to be decided in the next 4 years. But does anyone really care what Gov. Romney shows us on videotape tonight, before his speech? Do you care what he says? Do you care if he uses a teleprompter?

I don't. I'm disappointed.


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