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Open Letter to Marissa Mayer: Please don't throw your annual Halloween Party at Roller & Hapgood & Tinney Mortuary

A few days ago I saw fake grass being placed in the driveway at what was once Roller & Hapgood & Tinney Mortuary, Palo Alto's...

Original post made by Professorville Neighbor on Oct. 16, 2014
Last comment by RL, 0 minutes ago | 23 comments | 760 Views


Downtown residents split over parking-permit program

As Palo Alto prepares to launch its long-awaited Residential Parking Permit Program, residents in the congested downtown...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by InFavor, 14 minutes ago | 25 comments | 1542 Views


Ramping up at Mitchell Park Library

The City of Palo Alto took local media on a guided tour Thursday of the new 56,332-square-foot Mitchell Park Library and...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Reader, 29 minutes ago | 3 comments | 505 Views


Another 'Fiber to the Premise' resurrection for Palo Alto?

The long-discussed dream of getting true high-speed fiber-optic service for Palo Alto is looking like a real possibility....

Original post made on Oct. 17, 2014
Last comment by Anonymous, 41 minutes ago | 23 comments | 2437 Views


Unfriendly skies: Residents, city officials gear up to fight increased airplane noise

At a gathering in the Holbrook-Palmer Park Pavilion in Atherton last month, as a resident began to speak about the incessant...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Shut-It-Down, 44 minutes ago | 64 comments | 3487 Views


Editing afoot by school candidate

EDITING AFOOT ... The Weekly noticed this week that one portion of school board candidate Catherine Crystal Foster's profile...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by parent2, 1 hour ago | 34 comments | 935 Views


Misleading campaign mailer

I received a mailer today from the Kou campaign. First of all, if there is any question about holman, filseth, dubois and...

Original post made by Voter on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Agenda, 1 hour ago | 10 comments | 198 Views


Menlo Park Fire district gets green light to buy a drone

A hand-held aerial drone, probably one with four helicopter blades, will likely take up residence soon in the Menlo Park...

Original post made on Oct. 23, 2014
Last comment by Firemedic, 1 hour ago | 3 comments | 741 Views


City to look at new uses for Municipal Services Center site

A proposal to move Palo Alto's Municipal Services Center and the Animal Services Center from their existing locations on...

Original post made on Oct. 22, 2014
Last comment by The Shadow Knows....., 2 hours ago | 22 comments | 2179 Views


New direction proposed for Palo Alto's shuttle program

Palo Alto's tiny fleet of city-run shuttle buses may soon see a dramatic expansion, including a doubling of buses on the...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Resident, 2 hours ago | 8 comments | 1339 Views


What IS That Musical Racket? Edgewood?

We came home to some loud, live music that sounds like it's coming from the Edgewood area. A neighbor checked, thinking maybe...

Original post made by Hmmm on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Resident, 3 hours ago | 4 comments | 125 Views


Police calls

Palo Alto Read the full story here posted Friday, October...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by MeMeMeMeMe, 6 hours ago | 5 comments | 220 Views


Palo Alto schools mark Unity Day

A visit to any one of Palo Alto's 17 schools Thursday would have shown their own version of events to celebrate Unity Day,...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Mr.Recycle, 10 hours ago | 8 comments | 1200 Views


Downtown Palo Alto residents seek relief from train noise

Living next to downtown Palo Alto's bustling train station has many benefits, but for residents of 101 Alma St., a good night's...

Original post made on Oct. 21, 2014
Last comment by Carlito's ways, 13 hours ago | 62 comments | 5438 Views


Palo Alo fourth-grader with Down syndrome wins self-advocacy award

Dashiell Meier might be Palo Alto's most accomplished 10 year old. Read the full story here

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by EN, 13 hours ago | 12 comments | 899 Views


City to test collection of food scraps from homes

Starting in April, some Palo Alto residents will be putting their food scraps out on the curb for pickup by the city's waste-management...

Original post made on Jan. 15, 2013
Last comment by Shelly Fox, 16 hours ago | 23 comments | 3034 Views


Making a noise: Government officials attempt to influence aircraft regulations

Palo Alto and other government officials have so far been fighting an uphill battle to decrease airplane noise over their...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by resident 1, 16 hours ago | 4 comments | 686 Views


Local mom launches app to help kids lose weight

Joanna Strober's 11-year-old son had a weight problem. Looking for advice and specific weight-loss tools, she took her son...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by parent, 19 hours ago | 5 comments | 756 Views


Living under the belly of a 'beast'

Fledgling airline Surf Air's marketing slogan is "Disruptive Innovation — A Revolutionary Approach to Air Travel."...

Original post made on Oct. 24, 2014
Last comment by Johns, 20 hours ago | 7 comments | 1405 Views


Editorial: Terry Godfrey, Ken Dauber for Palo Alto school board

While we value the backgrounds of all the school board candidates, in our opinion Terry Godfrey and Ken Dauber are clearly...

Original post made on Oct. 3, 2014
Last comment by Sea REDDY, 22 hours ago | 14 comments | 8432 Views
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