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Real Estate Headlines

Feeling the squeeze
It isn't marked on Google Maps, and its size is not extraordinary, but the Mayfield neighborhood is a busy and vibrant hub in Palo Alto. Friday, 7:47 AM

Rent Watch: Room for rent
My parents recently retired and live on a fixed income. They want to keep living in their home of 30 years. One idea they have is to rent out a room in their home to defray some of their living costs. They indicated they don't want to get "too formal" about the arrangement. Do you have any suggestions? Friday, 7:49 AM | 1 comments

Home Front
This week's column has information on home remodel class, a guided walk in Filoli's gardens, how to cook with citrus and more. Friday, 7:48 AM

Home Sales: Palo Alto home tops $11 million
A 1918 home in Palo Alto was sold for $11 million, according to stats from this week's home sales column. Friday, 7:54 AM

Sales at a glance: Sales volume slow as Mountain View leads tally with 18 sold
Mountain View real estate lead the pack with 18 homes sold for between $625,000 and $2.2 million, according to this week's column. Friday, 7:56 AM

Uniquely made
There comes a point after you choose what you like from the Crate & Barrel or Restoration Hardware catalog, you want to make sure there is something in your home decor that no one else has. You may have to look no further than the the artistic furnishings being offered at the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts. Friday, 7:42 AM

Home Front
This week's column has information on local gardening workshops and on Gamble Garden's fresh luncheons, as well as fire safety tips. Friday, 7:43 AM

A quick fix for your bathroom
Even if you can't afford the time and expense of a complete bathroom renovation, you can still make dramatic changes without moving a wall or replacing a sink. Here are a few easy-to-do ideas for increasing the function and beauty of your bath. Friday, 7:44 AM

Sales at a glance: Palo Alto, Menlo Park highs skim $5M
Top home sales in Palo Alto and Menlo Park skim $5 million, according to this week's column. Friday, 7:47 AM

Home sales: Home sales slow with late summer
Highest home sale in Palo Alto and Menlo Park in this week's column sold for close to $5 million. Read on for the details. Friday, 7:51 AM

Weeding out the bad
Like decluttering the inside of your home, weeding your yard is the same sort of chore if you let the weeds creep up and up like the piles on your countertops. What is the best way to get rid of weeds without getting rid of plants you want? How do you get motivated to get out and do this unpleasant chore? Friday, 7:39 AM

Home Front
This week's column features information on a gardening workshop, fashion and home designer Jenni Kayne's new boutique at Stanford Shopping Center and Gamble Gardens' annual Community Day. Friday, 7:38 AM

Real Estate Matters: Homes staying on market longer
There have been two noticeable trends in the Palo Alto property market this year so far. First, properties have stayed on the market longer. Second, price reductions have been more common, especially at the very high end. Friday, 7:38 AM | 25 comments

Home Sales: Los Altos Hills edges out Atherton for highest sale
A home in Los Altos Hills sold for $9,450,000. Friday, 7:48 AM

Sales at a glance: Top sale is $9.4 million
Los Altos Hills edges out Atherton for highest sale, according to this week's column. Friday, 7:46 AM

Meet and greet the architects
"Open, honest, transparent." That's how Menlo Park architect Ana Williamson describes her client's mantra about what her new home in Menlo Oaks needed to be. Friday, 8:25 AM

Home Front
This week's column features information on the Midtown "Share Faire," which takes place Sunday, Aug. 14; a slew of city-related apps; and Filoli's centennial celebrations. Friday, 8:24 AM

Digging in
In an age when faster is better and attention spans are shortening, when people are hustling and smartphones demand quicker responses, the slow process of gardening can seem countercultural. To some, it may even seem unnecessary and inefficient. Friday, 7:51 AM | 3 comments

Home Front
This week's column features information on the city's Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off Day, as well as tips on planting bright flowers and painting your house. Friday, 7:49 AM

Recent home sales
Two homes, one in Atherton and another in Woodside, sold in the $14-million range. Friday, 7:56 AM

Sales at a Glance
One home in Atherton sold for almost $15 million, according to this week's column. Friday, 7:56 AM

From dusty teapot to useful container
You probably have a teapot or two in your kitchen cabinet that you aren't using. Why not repurpose your teapots instead of letting them gather dust? Friday, 7:50 AM

Home Front
This week's column features information on the 2016 Going Native Garden Tour, Gamble Garden's 4th annual Tomato Extravaganza and more. Friday, 7:53 AM

Sales at a glance
Two homes in Atherton and one in Woodside recently sold for more than $10,000,000, according to this week's column. Friday, 7:57 AM

Recent Home Sales
Three $10-million homes sold on the Midpeninsula this week, including two in Atherton and one in Woodside. Friday, 7:55 AM

Fresh, delicious and decorative
Driving by Sunny Chen's Leland Manor home, most people don't realize that the front yard is planted with vegetables and fruits. A closer look reveals a row of tall sunflowers intermixed with natives and drought-tolerant plants -- and a few cantaloupes and eggplants. Friday, 7:49 AM

Home Front
This week's column includes information on Palo Alto's annual Festival of the Arts, free gardening workshops at the Palo Alto Library and how to grow carrots. Friday, 7:50 AM

From single-story ranch to two-story modern
When Adam Hawley and Suzan Szollar married and bought their little house on a corner lot in The Willows in 2001, it seemed j-u-s-t right. But by the time their second child came along, they were bursting out of its two-bedroom seams. Friday, 8:08 AM



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