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Friday, July 31, 2015

Share your water-saving tips

By sharing tips, residents can learn more, creative ways to save water. Email your ideas to, and watch in this section for a water-saving tip of the week.

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Building permits in Palo Alto

From June 7 to July 10, these five building permits printed in the Palo Alto Weekly. The roof improvement trend has continued from July 24.

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Recent home sales

In Mountain View during the past two weeks, Sierra Vista Avenue saw a little flurry of sales. The three combined sales along the avenue added up to more than $3.6 million. Learn about these home sales and others in this week's list of recent home sales.

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Sales at a glance

During the past two weeks, Menlo Park led the way in home sales with 27 purchases. But not far behind, Los Altos and Mountain View each turned in 23 sales. Read the rest of the real estate numbers below to see how other Palo Alto Weekly locations compared.

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Real Estate Matters

At first realtors were whispering, "Wow, there is nothing for sale." Now they are yelling. Since 2008, the Peninsula and the greater Silicon Valley have been on a trend of ever-declining inventory. Don't mistake this for houses being snatched up by long lines of buyers. No, this is a story about supply.

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Home Front

Find local news and events related to real estate, interior design, home improvement and gardening. This week includes an education leadership training through Canopy, first-time homebuyer course, access to garden experts and worm composting 101.

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Adobe Meadow/Meadow Park neighborhoods

Full of wide and open streets roofed by tall green trees, and glass-walled, wooden Eichler homes, many of which were remodeled into two-story apartments, Adobe Meadow and Meadow Park, two adjacent neighborhoods, embody a quiet and calm atmosphere, almost a disguise for the hectic lives of the people residing within their borders. Traveling all the way from Black Mountain in Santa Clara to the San Francisco Bay, Adobe Creek's babbling stream flows between the two south Palo Alto neighborhoods.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Building permits in Palo Alto

It's the summer of the roof in Palo Alto. Among these 156 listings from June 7 to July 10, 38 mention maintenance to a roof, whether that be re-roofing, cleaning, coating or installing a PV system.

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New local organization capitalizes on recycled water

When the time comes for lawn watering, why use water fresh from the tap when the option of recycled water is available? For Palo Alto residents, the answer to this question is found in an environmentally minded organization called RainDance.

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Home Front

Find local news and events related to real estate, interior design, home improvement and gardening. This week includes a one-woman performance of the Hearst Castle architect, an exploratory tree walk and two calls for garden volunteers.

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Real Estate Matters

Time flies. Not long ago, most of property market participants anticipated yet another strong year. Half of 2015 has passed, and there have been some interesting developments and a few surprises.

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