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V is for 'Victory'
The dedication of Palo Alto's Museum of American Heritage to the history of technological innovation from 1750 to 1950 is reflected today both inside and out, with a newly thriving replica of a "Victory Garden." Wednesday, 1:59 PM

Palo Verde
Take a bike ride down Louis Road in the heart of Palo Verde and you'll notice a recurring motif. Geometric planes and simple silhouettes of Eichler houses, one after the other, under the comfortable tree cover. Wednesday, 10:15 AM | 1 comments

Updating a mid-century 'modern'
The couple had barely committed to relocating to California from New York in 2012 when they spotted a Brown & Kaufman home, just begging for a redo. Tuesday, 4:12 PM

Summer 2014 Home & Garden Design
This edition of Home & Garden Design features remodels that added style and pizzazz to dated spaces, updated a mid-century modern home and phased in remodeling for livability today while planning for future additions. Tuesday, 5:03 PM

Real Estate Matters
If you've been in or around the homes market in Palo Alto during the past couple years, you've probably heard about the intense bidding wars brought on by too many buyers and too few homes up for sale. Wednesday, 10:06 AM