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How NOT to landscape
If you want an attractive front yard that enhances your home and reflects your creativity, avoid these common landscaping errors. Friday, 8:41 AM | 3 comments

Local Realtors reign in national rankings
Six local Realtor teams and 17 individuals were among the top 250 salespeople in the country in 2015, according to rankings announced by Real Trends, a private communications company, in its annual "The Thousand" list, published in The Wall Street Journal. Friday, 8:42 AM | 5 comments

Garden Tips: Innovations for better gardens, happier people
This month I will list some ideas and challenges to the thinking community on how we can work more effectively in our gardens and, by extension, in the world. Friday, 8:38 AM

Real Estate Matters: 'Show me the numbers': the trap of quantitative analysis
One unique aspect of Silicon Valley's real estate market is that many buyers and sellers, whether they are engineers or financiers, are used to fact-driven methodology. When it's time to justify the single-most important number of any real estate transaction -- "fair value" of a particular home -- many demand more "numbers" to back it up from comparative market analysis. Thursday, 11:07 AM

College Terrace
The College Terrace neighborhood of Palo Alto has a definite college feel. In addition to its location adjacent to Stanford University, there are streets named after East Coast colleges such as Bowdoin, Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Oberlin. With its connections to the university, the neighborhood is surrounded by youth and learning. Friday, 12:09 PM

Clearing the air about green
Some say that the term "green" is so overused that it has lost its distinction, but I disagree. There is a steady stream of new green practices and technologies that challenge the boundaries of what is "fringe" and what will someday be mainstream. Sunday, 1:31 PM | 2 comments

Flooded with red tape
A torrential downpour is a welcome sight in the midst of drought, as long as it does not result in your living room resembling a poorly planned swimming pool. Wednesday, 9:55 AM | 1 comments

Overcoming fear of composting
At 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 25, about 45 people gathered in room H-1 of the Cubberley Community Center to get their hands dirty. Wednesday, 3:46 PM

In living color
There is nothing drab about Judith Content's world. Wednesday, 2:16 PM

Real Estate Matters: Palo Alto property: a long-term, cyclical view
After the sharp increase of property price in Palo Alto over the past three years, the questions that I get the most from real estate clients these days are "How high can we go?" and "Is this sustainable"? At the beginning of 2015, it's a good time to take a step back to review the local market in the context of past decades. Thursday, 11:07 AM