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Real Estate Headlines

Meatless Mondays
The Peninsula Macrobiotic Community hosts weekly Monday Vegetarian Dinners, including a special Thanksgiving feast. Thursday, 3:03 PM | 1 comments

Home Front: Tree survey, Enjoy! catalog and wearable tech
This week includes an online tree survey through Canopy and the City of Palo Alto, an opportunity to sign up for classes listed in the Enjoy! catalog and a wearable technology event on Dec. 1-2. Saturday, 12:36 AM

Invites for all
Stationery and invite experts share tips and tricks for holiday party invitations this season, such as what to include on invites, how to dress up snail mail, and how to use mail apps and digital invites. Wednesday, 11:03 AM

Sales at a glance: 11 sales in Mountain View
Read the rest of the real estate numbers to see how other Palo Alto-area locations compared. Saturday, 12:35 AM

Recent home sales: Oldest previous sale in Palo Alto
This week, the oldest listed previous sale comes from Palo Alto in 1989. Learn about this home sales and others in this week's list of recent home sales. Saturday, 12:37 AM

Building permits in Palo Alto: Remodeling bathrooms, kitchens and more
In these 105 Palo Alto building permits, residents look to update bathroom, kitchens and more. Plus, a few businesses get updates, such as a illuminated sign at Fire, Oak & Barley on California Avenue. Saturday, 12:36 AM

Garden Tips: Growing a garden relationship
Garden coach Jack McKinnon offers tips for nurturing your relationship with your garden as we head into winter. Saturday, 12:35 AM

Beyond good lookin'
A lush green front lawn lined with tidy floral beds just didn't seem right to Marsha and Art Grantz in this fourth drought year. So they called in Marsha's daughter, a landscape designer, to create a new space that would thrive in Palo Alto's climate. Friday, 2:54 AM

Rent Watch: Can a college student have guests?
Project Sentinel answers a college student's question about a landlord prohibiting guests. The first step: find the lease and look at the language in the lease regulating "guests." Saturday, 12:45 PM

Real Estate Matters: An objective look at the market
Recent television shows and online documentaries paint quite a sensational portrait of Bay Area real estate, with over-the-top personalities, $2 million teardowns, frenzied bidding wars and prices that seemingly have no ceiling. Friday, 2:53 AM

Three options instead of three wishes
Residents don't need to rub a magic lamp to save energy at home, but they can still turn to a genie — the Home Efficiency Genie. This program provides residents with free expert advice, discounted home assessments and a resource for how to move forward with energy-efficiency projects. Friday, 10:04 AM

Real Estate Matters: Prices cross the $3 million line
The price paid for single-family homes in Palo Alto took a huge leap in September, when the median price reached $3,337,500. This is 28 percent over the August median of $2,600,000. Thursday, 12:24 PM

Positively Green: The importance of good ventilation
Columnist Ciro Giammona explains the term "building science," an approach to building or remodeling a home that takes the laws of physics into consideration, and how it improves people's lives. Friday, 10:06 AM