Palo Alto Weekly

Real Estate - July 26, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

151 University Ave. Palantir: deletion of proposed office spaces and associated electrical and mechanical, $n/a

4041 Verdosa Drive re-roof, $6,000

490 Santa Rita Ave. relocate electric and gas meter, $n/a

1021 Metro Circle replace boiler, $n/a

1211 Byron St. re-roof, $12,000

4155 Frandon Court remodel kitchen and bath, $40,000

1530 Page Mill Road Stanford University Medical Center: Bldg. B, first floor, add one badge timelink clock, $n/a; add three new doors, $16,000

1632 Mariposa Ave. replace front windows; new roof at bay window due to water damage. remodel master bathroom, $22,000

1145 Amarillo Ave. re-roof, $36,648

1151 amarillo Ave. re-roof, $11,198

925 Page Mill Road Genencor: add new equipment platform, five new process piping systems for air, steam, drain. add two new transformers, electrical sub panels, and uninterrupted power supplies, $800,000

4054 Wilkie Way relocate gas line, $n/a

1082 Stanley Way single-story addition (191 sf) and remodel (1,512 sf), $178,904

1435 Channing Ave. new detached garage (220 sf), house and garage demo, $10,692; new two-story residence (2,766 sf) with covered porch (357 sf), $457,223

2570 W. Bayshore Road re-roof, $35,630

2340 Oberlin St. re-roof, $39,500

825 Fielding Drive install new furnace in attic, $n/a

2586 W. Bayshore Road re-roof, $41,229

621 Hawthorne Ave. remodel bathroom, $15,000

3075 Louis Road re-roof, $6,700

2585 Louis Road re-roof, $8,900

827 Barron Ave. re-roof house, $8,000; re-roof garage, $2,000; replace windows, furnace, gas-leak repair, $15,000

919 Amarillo Ave. re-roof, $10,000

470 Santa Rita Ave. rewire entire residence (3000 sf), $n/a; repipe, $n/a

664 Hale St. convert attached garage into the master bedroom and bathroom, $54,978; new detached carport (200 sf), $5,810

221 Tennyson Ave. replace and relocate furnace to the attic and replace nine (9) duct outlets, $n/a


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