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Real Estate - July 20, 2012

A fresh look

Decorating goes to the dogs

by Kit Davey

My home's decor has gone to the dogs. Darby has his own monogrammed bed, a hand-painted food bowl and a dog-bone night light. Sick, huh?

If you're a dog owner you share the same dilemma: How can you have a nicely decorated, yet dog-friendly home? Why not go "whole dog" and integrate your pooch's possessions into your decorating scheme?

Owning a dog means you also own all the stuff that accompanies your dog's main activities: eating, sleeping and walking. Several web-catalog (or should I say "dogalog"?) companies offer products to meet your dog's needs and to match your decor.

Feeding stuff. Why settle for a boring plastic or metal food dish? If you have a large dog, s/he'll enjoy eating off a miniature table made with recycled materials by ($89.95). This web-based company has an outstanding selection of "gear for dogs and the people who share their lives." They offer three sizes of dining table, in three colors, equipped with two steel bowls.

If your dog can read, a customized food bowl emblazoned with your pet's name is a must. offers a wrought-iron food stand with a dog-bone nameplate for $29.99. If your dog can't read, but really appreciates a good-looking bowl, serve dinner in one from They have a truly wonderful array of bowls (390 to be exact). My favorites are the tiger print and the "Berlin" — a mid-century modern piece that would look great in an Eichler.

Is your dog a slob? Take a look at's personalized "Water Trapper Pet Placemat," available in four colors ($39). This mat looks like it will last longer than the lifespan of most dogs. Or, check out's simple white, wipe-able placemat with big black bones on it made by Grreat Choice (love the company name!).

Walking stuff. Hang your leash, bag o' balls and other walking equipment from a canine-inspired wall hook. IKEA makes a "Bastis" hook, which looks like a dog's hindquarters, in multiple colors for $2.99 (go to, type in "Bastis"). If you want something a little more sophisticated, take a look at Pottery Barn's selection of wall hooks and racks.

When you come back from a walk on rainy days, wipe down your dog with a paw-print towel from The Dogs Unleashed Microfiber towel is available in blue, pink and beige and is already covered with brown paw prints ($5.49).

Sleeping stuff. manufactures high-quality, pillow-like circular pet beds in a variety of fabrics and sizes, ranging in price from $59 to $220. The zippered covers are easy to remove for laundering, and the lightweight pillow is easy to slip under a bed or store in a closet.

If your dog prefers sleeping on furniture, then s/he'll love the Adirondack sofa, with a striped bed, offered by ($149). This miniature bed looks like something out of Pottery Barn!

The epitome of canine chic is offered by The bed is shaped like a treasure chest in red leather and is detailed with tiger stripes ($249).

Doggie decorating sources:

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