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Real Estate - April 20, 2012

Building permits

Palo Alto

509 Hale St. L. Lange & A. Macmillan, remodel two bathrooms, $18,300

1001 Page Mill Road, Bldg. 1, 2nd floor Baker Botts, new law office, $3,000,000

335 Churchill Ave. L. Murphy-Chutorian, new outdoor fireplace, $20,000; new pool and spa, $80,000; move new garage, $33,400

3487 Burnham Way G. & C. Burns, half garage conversion, new kitchen, laundry room, bedroom; relocate tankless water heater, $85,000

3194 South Court J. Yi & S. Kim, first floor addition, remodel first and second floor, add front and back covered porch, $380,072

3945 El Cerrito J. Gromme, remodel kitchen, two baths, $23,000

758 De Soto Drive D. & P. Flamm, replace furnace, $n/a

738 Paul Ave. Alvidrez, add 146 sq ft to laundry, kitchen remodel, $35,000

943 Bryant St. J. Baldwin, remodel master bath, $12,000

2100 Oberlin St. J. & J. Rinsky, small addition to rear, with interior remodeling, $77,900

151 University Ave. tenant improvement for La Boulange, $350,000

3123 South Court J. & J. Espinoza, remodel kitchen, $19,000

571 Jefferson Drive C. & G. Wilber, remodel bathroom, $10,000

4095 Laguna Way S. & O. Shneorson, remodel and addition, $179,125; new garage, $15,552

3400 Hillview Drive Bldg. 1, 2, 3 Barnes & Noble/CA Metro Center, interior demo for tenant improvement, $n/a

3000 Hanover Level B HP/Stanford Land, tenant improvement for office space, $5.2 million

7146 San Carlos Court J. Yew, replace 10 windows, one door, $6,400; kitchen remodel, roof repair, $12,000

800 E. Charleston Road F. & S. Bockmann, remodel master bathroom, $12,000

2331 Tasso M. Mankos, replace garage, $50,000

3520 Murdoch Drive Hansteen, re-roof, $11,000

2100 Amherst Stanford, install spa, $n/a

840 Melville Ave. H. Finlay, remodel kitchen, baths, convert office to laundry, replace patio doors with window, $90,000

812 Gailen Ave. B. Evans, six skylights, $2,000

780 Seale Ave. S. & J. Paul, replace tub, remodel bathroom, $18,500

1850 Waverley St. M. Hawley, interior remodel including new kitchen, 3.5 baths, $75,000

336 Hawthorne Ave. K. Yoshinari, install skylight in garage and bathroom, $1,376

263 Fairchild Court S. Streider, remodel bathroom, $19,447

3955 Duncan Place C. Morey & S. Bertelsen, five new skylights, $3,000

430 Kipling St. R. Wu, replace rooftop boiler, $9,000

974 Blair Court K. Tsuboi, remodel kitchen, $16,200

3706 Redwood Circle B. Fitzpatrick, replace bathroom fixtures, $n/a

3191 Mackall Way V. Ganesian & P. Basinah, interior remodel, furnace, tankless water heater, rear doors and windows, $78,669

180 Hamilton Ave. AG-JDUP Casa Olga LLP, interior soft demolition, elevator removal, $n/a

2002 Tasso St. G. Pickrell, install new Sundance spa on 4-in. concrete pad, $4,000

3251 Hanover St. Bldg. 201 Lockheed Martin, demo building, repair connecting building and build out 1,000 sq. ft., $80,000

3217 Greer Road C. & M. Yu, new master bedroom, walk-in closet, covered porch, enclose carport, $63,063

1568 Mariposa Ave. F. & K. Leighton, add lights and outlets to attached garage, $n/a; new second-floor addition, remodel kitchen, addition, $330,000

4150 Thain Way Marson, remodel bathroom, $n/a

1520 Middlefield Road T. Hsui & K. Chang, hall bath remodel, electrical upgrades, lighting in living/dining areas, replace range hood, $4,950

945 Matadero Ave. P. & M. Cross, new one story residence, $700,000; new one-story workshop, $26,000; new one-story garden shed, $24,000

3329 St. Michael Drive E. & J. Jacobsen, garage refresh, electrical upgrade, washer/dryer, relocate door, add window, $20,000

568 Irven Court L. Huang, construct new detached one-car garage, $11,000


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