Palo Alto Weekly

Real Estate - February 10, 2012

Building permits

Palo Alto

773 W. Greenwich Place M. Hoberg, replace furnace, $n/a

723 St. Jude Ashish, replace windows, move one window, $2,600

180 El Camino Real #16A Simon Property Group, minor interior remodel, $76,692

3000 Hanover St. Hewlett-Packard, tenant improvement for Media Solutions, $3,018,000; tenant improvement of executive center, $1,200,000

3210 Porter Drive Stanford Real Estate Office, minor tenant improvement for Skype, $n/a

2723 Middlefield Road A. Powell, restaurant build out, $92,000

3101 Park Blvd. Park Place Associates, interior renovation of office space, $757,430

855 El Camino Real #21 CEP Town & Country Investors, remodel space for FK Restaurants & Hospitality, $125,388

340 University Ave. core and shell for new retail store, $3.15M

525 Guinda St. M. & M. Kamangar, new two-story home, $640,000; detached one-car garage, $44,000

2153 Oberlin St. L. Mendelowitz, roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

935 Elsinore D. Raush & C. Cavanaugh, remodel kitchen, two bathrooms, $30,000

855 El Camino Real #162 Tava Indian Kitchen, tenant improvement, $50,700

890 Lincoln Ave. B. Lu, new family room, powder room, $98,000

4157 El Camino Way Suite A The Core Group, tenant improvement, $125,826

941 Addison Ave. L. Berezin, remodel kitchen, $15,000

943 Oregon Ave. S. Patel, remodel interior, $125,318

3357 Louis Road A. Chen & M. Chui, remodel, $112,611

480 Cowper St. Ventana, tenant improvement, $22,000

1011 Channing Ave. J. Appleby, remodel kitchen, bathroom, $50,000

2908 Sevyson Court D. &. M. Cohen, remodel master bathroom, $29,390

688 Josina Ave. S. & P. Chang, remodel kitchen, master bathroom, $33,500

3428 Cowper Court K. Chien, emergency gas leak on main line outside house, $n/a

551 Hale St. J. Migdal & V. Thorp, remodel three bedrooms, hall closet, new windows, doors, stone landing, roof overhang, $73,435

144 Walter Hays Drive H. Zhang, replace nine windows, enclose swing door, $7,300

1135 Fulton St. K. Meyer, replace water heater with tankless, $n/a

3451 Waverley Place Selznick, remodel kitchen, $24,000

201 Hamilton Ave. D. C. Mullen/Schier Trust, tenant improvements in retail at 215 & 225 Hamilton, $23,500

4015 Orme St. R. Kaplan, new patio cover, $4,500

345 Hamilton Ave. Pacific Bell Telephone, replace equipment cabinet at cell site, $14,000


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