Palo Alto Weekly

Real Estate - July 29, 2011

Building permits

Palo Alto

383 University Ave. K. Childrens, new tenant improvements, $350,000

1825 Park Blvd. R. Bhateja, kitchen remodel, $5,275

3449 Rambow Drive Y. Li, addition and remodel, $100,505

1861 Waverley St. S. Grimes, window replacement, $6,000

1465 Channing Ave. M. and R. Srinivasan, new garage, $13,268; two additions and alterations, $340,045

2320 Bryant St. Ebinger, bathroom remodel, $21,900

269 Southwood Drive S. Lau, addition and interior remodel, $30,000

2148 Edgewood Drive T. Stephens, door and window replacements, $24,000

440 Cesano Court S. Goswami, bathroom remodel, $12,000

4125 Amaranta Ave. S. Wu and E. Licking, addition, new bathrooms, and rooftop HVAC, $75,000


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