14th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Second Place, Views Beyond the Peninsula


"Acrobatics in the 11 eme"
By Jordy Mont-Reynaud

About Jordy Mont-Reynaud

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The Mont-Reynaud family has made a tradition of winning awards in the Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest. Mont-Reynaud, as well as his mother and sister, are previous winners.

His last photo entry, "Te Kiwi Sunrise," involved the meticulous construction of the objects in the scene and the expert manipulation of light. This year's entry was taken in Paris, and it is of an evening performance done by his half-sisters modern circus company. This time, they did most of the set up.

Mont-Reynaud, now 21 and a software engineer, wants people to see "a fleeting moment of harmony in the middle of a chaotic city." It was taken as part of a documentary project, and kept in simple black and white so that you focus on the form and composition. Mont-Reynaud likes the photo because "it manages to convey a sense of visual harmony and balance without being symmetrical or static."

The photo is a result of eight years of practice. Though programming is his primary ambition, Mont-Reynaud said: "I definitely feel like photography has given me a visual sense which I apply to lots of things I do."

-- Daniel Grujic


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