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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trustees enthusiastic about social-emotional proposals

School trustees were supportive on Tuesday of a committee's proposal to bring a districtwide social-emotional curriculum to Palo Alto Unified, though they probed still-to-be-formed plans for implementation and evaluation.

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Woman photographs man who exposed himself

A man who exposed himself to a woman in Palo Alto's Evergreen Park neighborhood on Monday morning didn't flee quickly enough to prevent the woman from taking a photo of him, police said.

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School board approves civil-rights agreement, resolution

On Tuesday evening, the Palo Alto school board closed a chapter and opened a new one with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, unanimously approving a resolution agreement in two Title IX investigations and repealing by a 4-1 vote a controversial 2014 resolution that sharply criticized the federal agency.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teenagers arrested for stealing from a car

Police arrested three East Palo Alto teenagers who had been prowling a Palo Alto neighborhood just after midnight on Tuesday, Feb. 28, after a private security officer witnessed them allegedly stealing from an unlocked vehicle, according to a press release.

Tuesday, 7:55 PM | 1 comment
New rules on the way for groundwater pumping

As residents continue to cry foul over the millions of gallons of groundwater that get pumped for basement construction, Palo Alto is preparing to take action by adding restrictions.

Tuesday, 4:11 PM | 5 comments
Community Notebook: Ravenswood school district to host immigration forum

In the wake of a "recent surge in immigration actions by federal agencies," the Ravenswood City School District is hosting a forum on Thursday to provide information and resources to families and community members.

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Palo Alto man arrested for Mountain View stabbing

A Palo Alto man was arrested Monday night in connection to a stabbing in Mountain View that wounded one person, according to police.

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Caltrain gets 3-month extension for electrification project

Caltrain has successfully negotiated an extension of the deadline for contractors to begin construction on a massive electrification project while awaiting a decision from the Federal Transit Administration on a $647 million grant, the transit agency announced Monday.

Tuesday, 10:55 AM | 7 comments
Committee takes 'first step' on social-emotional learning curriculum

While the Palo Alto school district is nationally known for its academic rigor, it is "less clear" that its students are well prepared in another area research has shown is key to future success and well-being: social-emotional learning.

Tuesday, 9:00 AM | 3 comments
Stanford's proposed expansion raises anxieties over traffic

As Stanford University prepares for its next phase of campus expansion, officials are confronting a daunting question: How do you add more than 2 million square feet of development without also adding traffic?

Tuesday, 1:54 AM | 34 comments

Monday, February 27, 2017

Jewish Community Center reopens following threatening phone call

The Oshman Family JCC campus was closed for about two hours this evening after staff at the facility received a threatening phone call, the organization said on Twitter.

Monday, 6:44 PM | 9 comments
Stanford submits updated plans for 500 El Camino Real development in Menlo Park

Stanford told the Almanac it plans to submit updated plans for its 8.4-acre "Middle Plaza" development at 500 El Camino Real on Monday.

Monday, 4:22 PM | 5 comments
Officials: Hoaxes, rumors of local ICE arrests are false

Rumors of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent sightings that spread in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park over the last several days are untrue, ICE spokesman and East Palo Alto police spokespersons said.

Monday, 3:49 PM | 5 comments
School board to make key Office for Civil Rights decision

The Palo Alto school board is set to take action Tuesday night on two key decisions that will impact the school district's current and future relationship with the federal Office for Civil Rights: a detailed agreement that aims to bring the district into legal compliance following multiple investigations into sexual harassment and violence, and the potential repeal of a 2014 resolution that sharply criticized the agency.

Monday, 1:43 PM | 4 comments
Shop Talk: Mike's Cafe expands; scooter showroom to open

In this week's retail news, read about Midtown Palo Alto's oldest neighborhood restaurant's plans for expansion and the opening of an electric scooter showroom downtown.

Monday, 8:37 AM | 16 comments
Passenger booked for attempted murder after chase that injured four

The passenger of a car fleeing East Palo Alto police that crashed and injured four persons on Saturday night was arrested in connection with an attempted murder, Commander Jeff Liu said.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Palo Alto's bike-share plan takes another turn

Palo Alto's effort to roll out a bike-share program for the community is set to take another turn Monday night, when the City Council considers a new proposal that would bring a 350-bike system to several areas of the city.

Sunday, 9:46 AM | 59 comments
Around Town: Keep on truckin'; community hero

Tidbits collected by the Weekly staff on Palo Alto people, events and other happenings.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Off Deadline: Where is 'propaganda analysis' ed when we need it?

Propaganda techniques include often-subliminal marketing/advertising messages aimed at all ages - adults and children - that promote everything from dish soap and deodorant to candidates for president.

Saturday, 6:11 PM | 25 comments
Fear spreads as feds plan to expand deportations

Pledges by Mountain View and other Bay Area cities to stand by their immigrant communities could soon be tested under a sweeping new plan for deportations issued by President Donald Trump's administration.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Opportunity Center quadruples homeless housing placement

In the biggest leap since it opened its doors a decade ago, the LifeMoves Opportunity Services Center in Palo Alto housed 47 people in 2016, roughly four times the number in any other prior year, officials said at a ceremony on Friday commemorating the center's 10th anniversary.

Friday, 5:13 PM | 1 comment
Behind the Headlines: Diversity's champions

Greer Stone, chair of Palo Alto's Human Relations Commission, joins reporters Sue Dremann and Gennady Sheyner on "Behind the Headlines" to discuss the commission's renewed efforts to encourage tolerance and diversity in the community.

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PUBLIC AGENDA: Zoning code revisions; OCR resolutions

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Guest Opinion: A different view of the Comp Plan process

We need to take a careful look at how and why the Comp Plan process spiraled out of control so that we don't repeat the errors when we start work in the not-too-distant future on the post 2030 plan.

Friday, 9:06 AM | 56 comments
Gay square dance group forms bonds among its members

The Palo Alto-based LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning) square dance club the El Camino Reelers which members initially formed in 1985 holds lessons and events at least twice a week and is open to anyone who wants dance.

Friday, 6:59 AM | 1 comment
Child-development nonprofit pleads for financial help

The nonprofit that provides subsidized after-school and child care services to more than 100 low-income families is asking the school district to cover what its leadership says is an unsustainable gap between rising costs and stagnant state funding.

Friday, 6:58 AM | 14 comments
Changes to 'megahouse' plan don't mollify neighbors

Plans for 1710 Newell Road in Palo Alto continue to upset neighbors - even after the house plans were recently revised. More than 50 neighbors have signed and sent a petition to the City Council and city planning staff.

Friday, 6:58 AM | 50 comments
Council offers a lift to traffic-fighting nonprofit

Even though the City Council spent more than $500,000 to create the Palo Alto Transportation Management Association three years ago, it has been loath to contribute the $3.5 million that would be needed to shrink the number of solo drivers by 30 percent over three years.

Friday, 6:57 AM | 4 comments
Editorial: Rescind, replace and approve

The Palo Alto Board of Education will make two important decisions next Tuesday night, and both will say a lot about what kind of district we are and the values of our current five trustees.

Friday, 6:56 AM | 8 comments

Thursday, February 23, 2017

City to honor distinguished African-American leaders

Six Palo Alto community members who are African-Americans will receive honors during a ceremony commemorating Black History Month at Palo Alto City Hall on Thursday evening.

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County seeks injunction on executive order cutting funds for 'sanctuary jurisdictions'

Santa Clara County asked a federal court Thursday to grant a nationwide preliminary injunction blocking an executive order that would deny federal funds to sanctuary cities, counties and states.

Thursday, 12:49 PM | 6 comments
Community Notebook: Forum on voting rights, and threats, this Saturday

A Palo-Alto based nonpartisan group will kickoff a series of lectures on Saturday, Feb. 25, around what it calls "threats to the integrity of our vote."

Thursday, 9:28 AM | 4 comments
Palo Alto council looks to revise zoning code

Developers whose buildings will result in 100 or more new car trips during busy commute hours will be required to submit a plan for curbing their tenants' use of cars under a new rule that the Palo Alto City Council plans to adopt next week.

Thursday, 8:47 AM | 16 comments

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Whistleblowers allege Air District improperly destroys pollution documents

Two former employees of the agency responsible for protecting the Bay Area from air pollution say they were improperly fired for trying to prevent the illegal destruction of important records.

Wednesday, 3:56 PM | 1 comment
Video captures Fairmeadow burglary suspects

Palo Alto police are looking for two men who they believe stole jewelry and other valuables from a home in the Fairmeadow neighborhood earlier this month and who tried to burglarize another home on the same block, but gave up when they couldn't gain entry.

Wednesday, 10:37 AM | 6 comments
People of color speak up about personal impact of police stops

In Menlo Park's Willows neighborhood, a spate of home burglaries since September has put residents on edge, leading to an undercover police presence, an increase in calls to the police to investigate "suspicious" characters, and a number of recent arrests.

Wednesday, 8:54 AM | 7 comments
Businesses slam planned changes to downtown parking program

As Palo Alto prepares to adopt new parking restrictions on downtown's residential streets, a growing crowd of dentists, merchants, business professionals and Channing House residents is rising up to protest the new rules, which they say will drive employees out of the city.

Wednesday, 8:43 AM | 37 comments
Forecast: Rainstorm dissipating, cooler weather ahead

The Bay Area is about to get a much-deserved break from the heavy rains that battered the region Monday and caused major flooding in some areas, according to the National Weather Service.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nature offers boost to stormwater campaign

Palo Alto officials could hardly have chosen a better week to start mailing out ballots for their campaign to raise fees for the city's stormwater system.

Tuesday, 3:36 PM | 55 comments
County prepares for major housing boom

Santa Clara County is moving quickly on a strategy to build thousands of new homes for the county's low-income and homeless residents. And while most of the county's new Measure A housing bond will go towards helping the neediest residents, one big question still remains: where do you put all the housing?

Tuesday, 8:24 AM | 44 comments

Sunday, February 19, 2017

With storm brewing, weather service issues advisories

The National Weather Service has issued wind and flood-watch advisories for the San Francisco Bay Area that will be in effect from 4 p.m. Sunday until late Monday night.

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Woman and her dog bite would-be robber in Pardee Park

A man in his 20s who Palo Alto police say attempted to steal a woman's cellphone got more than he bargained for Saturday night.

Sunday, 2:34 PM | 19 comments
Around Town: Tough love, reporting for duty

Tidbits collected by the Weekly staff on Palo Alto people, events and other happenings.

Sunday, 8:24 AM | 2 comments
What's open, closed on Presidents Day

Here is a list of local and regional service closures in observance of the federal holiday on Monday, Feb. 20.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Rumors of immigration raids reach 'boiling point'

While leading the charge against the new administration's immigration policies, the Bay Area's immigrant advocates are finding themselves in a difficult position as they attempt to dispel a growing sense of panic among undocumented residents that mass deportations are imminent.

Saturday, 9:14 AM | 12 comments
County urges Supreme Court to rule on certain protections for detained immigrants

Twenty U.S. cities and counties led by Santa Clara County have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that immigrants held in prolonged detention during deportation proceedings are entitled to certain constitutional protections.

Saturday, 9:13 AM | 4 comments

Friday, February 17, 2017

Behind the Headlines: Breaking down the budget gap

On this week's "Behind the Headlines," Board of Education member Todd Collins joins Palo Alto Weekly Editor Jocelyn Dong and education reporter Elena Kadvany to discuss the school district's response to an ongoing budget shortfall.

Friday, 7:15 PM | No comments yet
Federal funding halted for Caltrain electrification

The $1.96 billion Caltrain electrification project came to screeching halt on Friday, Feb. 17, after it was announced that Federal Transit Administration officials were holding back grant funding needed within days for construction to begin.

Friday, 6:20 PM | 111 comments
East Palo Alto seeks to strengthen immigrant protections

In the wake of recent presidential executive orders to step up immigration arrests and deportations, East Palo Alto officials are reviewing programs to help the city's large immigrant population.

Friday, 6:02 PM | 5 comments
Two arrested for 7-Eleven robbery that left clerk with bloody nose

Two men who got into an argument with 7-Eleven clerks over the price of a few snacks and an eaten doughnut were arrested for strong-arm robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime after they allegedly attempted to leave without paying and engaged in a brawl with store personnel, according to Palo Alto police.

Friday, 3:26 PM | 1 comment
The free speech revolutionary

Annie Folger, longtime Midpeninsula Community Media Center executive director, who retired Jan. 31, reflects on her nearly 32 years in broadcasting.

Friday, 6:52 AM | 1 comment
Report: More people leaving Silicon Valley than coming in

The 2017 Silicon Valley Index shows that the area's economy, despite a slight slowdown from 2015, continues to chug along and serve as a magnet for people from all over the world.

Friday, 6:52 AM | 61 comments
Storm-damaged Arastradero Road won't be fixed until summer

A section of Arastradero Road in Palo Alto where the asphalt is crumbling and falling into Los Trancos Creek has nearby residents and others who travel the road nervous that it could collapse.

Friday, 6:51 AM | 24 comments
Committee members slam council for paring down Comprehensive Plan

The City Council's abrupt decision to remove all programs from the city's guiding land-use document has left members of the community "rightfully confused and upset," six members of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the plan wrote in an open letter to the council.

Friday, 6:51 AM | 51 comments
Finding the 'spark' in public education

A Palo Alto High School English teacher visited 100 classrooms throughout the state to find positive stories in public education. He documented his travels in a recently self-published book.

Friday, 6:50 AM | 1 comment

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Demolition and replacement of Brutalist building wins approval

One of the tallest and most distinct buildings on El Camino Real will be torn down and replaced with a more modern-looking office development under a proposal that won the approval of Palo Alto's Architectural Review Board on Thursday morning.

Thursday, 4:57 PM | 25 comments
Restaurant workers take part in 'Day Without Immigrants' protest

Customers around Palo Alto may notice fewer employees and longer wait times at restaurants where workers observed a national "Day Without Immigrants" on Thursday, protesting recent actions from the federal government on immigration.

Thursday, 1:20 PM | 13 comments

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