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Friday, May 22, 2015

PUBLIC AGENDA: Buena Vista appeal, Gunn bell schedule, Comprehensive Plan summit

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of May 25.

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New city jobs prove a tough sell in Palo Alto

The budget climate may be as sunny as ever in Palo Alto, but the city's elected officials have been casting clouds over proposals to hire new workers.

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Buena Vista closure heads toward final chapter

With the City Council just days away from making a decision on the closure of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, supporters of preserving the low-income community in Barron Park are making a renewed push to keep Palo Alto schools at the center of the conversation.

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Why so few hospital beds for teens?

The absence of adolescent inpatient psychiatric beds in Santa Clara County — described by one Palo Alto child and adolescent psychiatrist as a "hospitalization crisis" — is actually the norm rather than the exception in California.

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When a teen is in a mental health crisis, what's working -- and what isn't

Sarah Gentile was shocked to find, in the midst of a crisis with her teenage son, that there are no hospital beds available in Santa Clara County for adolescents who need inpatient psychiatric care.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Downtown post office considers move to Alma

Citing critical loss of revenue, the U.S. Postal Service is considering moving its downtown branch to Alma Street at the corner of Addison Avenue, according to a May 11 letter to Mayor Karen Holman.

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Surf Air continues plans to expand local flights

Local residents and officials who had been trying to meet with Surf Air CEO Jeff Potter since the company announced a major expansion in its flights in and out of the San Carlos Airport finally got that meeting last week, but the news was not good.

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Murder conviction in DUI case that killed Menlo Park couple

A woman who was driving drunk when her car struck and killed a Menlo Park couple in 2013 was convicted of murder this morning, according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

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Palo Alto crossing guard does his part to make kids feel safe, joyous

Charles Gaters' gregarious presence as a local crossing guard since 2010 has been gratefully received by his manager, parents, local residents and the students he shepherds across the busy intersection of El Camino Real and Maybell Avenue.

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Palo Alto businesses to participate in Bike to Shop Day

If you ride on two wheels and like to shop, Saturday is going to be your day. The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, in celebration of national bike month, is supporting Palo Alto businesses through Bike to Shop Day on Saturday, May 23.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Search for missing Palo Alto flight instructor entails massive area of Pacific Ocean

The search area of the Pacific Ocean for missing flight instructor William James McAdams is so vast that the U.S. Coast Guard called off formal operations in the hours after the plane he was flying vanished, a Coast Guard spokesman said Wednesday.

Wednesday, 4:31 PM | 20 comments
Local mental health program receives WASC accreditation

El Camino Hospital's After School Program Interventions and Resiliency Education (ASPIRE) program for local teenagers with significant mental health conditions has received a six-year accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the hospital announced Wednesday.

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Cantor Arts Center digitization to wrap up this fall

Since launching its digitization and inventory project in May 2010, the Cantor Arts Center has photographed the majority of works in its permanent collection. These images can be searched publicly on its website.

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Stanford University fraternity loses housing indefinitely

Stanford University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has lost its house indefinitely after a university investigation found that its members engaged in acts of intimidation and retaliation, including deterring a female student from reporting a potential Title IX concern involving the fraternity.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Halloween mask-wearing robbers sentenced for 7-Eleven robberies

Two men who wore Halloween masks and robbed a 7-Eleven store of $45 and another convenience store of $3,600 at gunpoint received a seven- and eight-year sentence in prison on Monday, the San Mateo County District Attorney's office said. The men are allegedly tied to a third robbery in Palo Alto, according to the DA.

Tuesday, 3:54 PM | 2 comments
Council redirects City Hall's proposed sign program

Is A,B,C really as easy as 1, 2, 3? When it comes to labeling the three levels of the City Hall underground parking garage, Palo Alto officials aren't so sure. And in lieu of certainty, the City Council balked on Monday night at spending about $100,000 to make the shift from letters to numbers, as city staff had recommended.

Tuesday, 1:44 PM | 23 comments
Palo Alto woman scares off intruder during attempted home burglary

A burglar who posed as a construction worker and tried to enter a guest house in Midtown on Monday morning left empty handed after a woman who was sleeping in the house woke up and scared him away, Palo Alto police said.

Tuesday, 10:49 AM | 3 comments
With maker's spaces, Ravenswood City School District invests in students' futures

With 90 laptops (donated by Facebook), three 3-D printers, one laser cutter, one sewing machine, a host of robots and a belief in the power of technology to transform young lives, the Ravenswood City School District and Facebook are investing together in the future of the district's students, the majority of whom are students of color from low-income families.

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City takes cautious route on California Avenue chain store ban

The goal sounds simple: Protect California Avenue's quirky character and mom-and-pop shops from an influx of offices and chain stores. The solution, however, proved frustratingly elusive Monday night, when Palo Alto officials grappled with the topic of limiting formula retail in the city's second downtown.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Palo Alto pilot was arrested prior to disappearance

A flight instructor who allegedly stole a plane from the Palo Alto Municipal Airport and vanished over the Pacific Ocean was arrested two weeks prior to his disappearance, according to court records in Florida's Orange County Superior Court.

Monday, 4:32 PM | 20 comments
Palo Alto's longtime preK principal to retire

Longtime Palo Alto educator Sharon Keplinger is retiring from her post as the district's preK principal at the end of this school year, the district announced Monday.

Monday, 3:47 PM | 7 comments
Stanford University set to roll out ambitious trail project

After more than two years of planning and designing, Stanford University is looking to break ground this month on an ambitious trail project to create a smoother trip for bicyclists and pedestrians around its campus, the nearby foothills and north Palo Alto.

Monday, 11:45 AM | 20 comments

Sunday, May 17, 2015

UPDATE: Man killed by train in Atherton identified

The San Mateo County Coroner's Office has released the name of the man who was struck and killed by a train at the Atherton station on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, 3:28 PM | 4 comments
Gunn installs first water bottle filling station on campus

Student organizations and individuals at a Palo Alto high school have unveiled the school's first water bottle filling station, according to school officials.

Sunday, 9:42 AM | 13 comments
Seniors oppose 'ugly, depressing' new colors at Palo Alto apartments

More than 25 seniors and disabled residents have launched a petition against a new color scheme at their apartment building, which they said is causing them to be depressed.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Off Deadline: Palo Alto paramedics service prompted by exposure of ambulance deficiencies

Palo Alto's hyper-busy paramedics service is celebrating its 40th anniversary Sunday. Creation of the paramedics program didn't happen by accident. It was prompted by the revelation of serious problems and life-threatening deficiencies of the ambulance companies 40 years ago.

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In school gardens, lessons are ripe for learning

Living Classroom, an 8-year-old nonprofit that aims to bring students closer to the natural world through the building and maintaining of school gardens and through curriculum on everything from the life cycle of a plant to the genetics of heirloom tomatoes, will be officially launching in the Palo Alto Unified School District this fall with pilot programs for kindergarteners through third-graders at five elementary schools.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Palo Alto flight instructor vanishes over Pacific

A 24-year-old Palo Alto flight instructor disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean on May 8, and Palo Alto police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are trying to locate him and the plane he was flying, police spokesman Sgt. Brian Philip said Friday.

Friday, 3:10 PM | 13 comments
Competency screening of older doctors roils Stanford faculty

A policy requiring doctors 75 and older to undergo special screening in order to keep their privileges at Stanford University's two hospitals was criticized in a vote by faculty leaders Thursday.

Friday, 9:52 AM | 13 comments
PUBLIC AGENDA: Formula retail, Highway 101 overpass project, City Hall remodel

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of May 18.

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Appraisal dispute complicates Buena Vista decision

When Palo Alto officials indicated on April 14 their plan to approve the closure of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, they specified that the park would have to be re-appraised to account for the high quality of local schools and the park's safe location. But with appraiser David Beccaria refusing to perform this assignment, officials are now facing an uncomfortable choice: to either rescind their direction or to further prolong a closure process that has already dragged on for a year and a half.

Friday, 9:36 AM | 13 comments
Stanford University officials sanction marching band

Stanford's boisterous Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band is being sanctioned by the university after officials found incidents of alcohol and drug use, hazing and sexual harassment, according to a university statement published in the Stanford Report.

Friday, 9:35 AM | 27 comments
Editorial: With urgency, new Gunn bell schedule takes shape

Few would have predicted three months ago that a diverse group of Gunn High School teachers, students, parents and administrators would have been able to come to a consensus recommendation on a new school bell schedule. Let this accomplishment be a lesson that it need not take years to accomplish important reforms, just clear goals, good leadership and a process that is inclusive but efficient.

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Palo Alto residents find themselves victims of tax scam

Palo Alto police have received 17 complaints of identity-theft income-tax fraud so far this year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates that $5 billion is lost each year due to tax fraud and improper payments.

Friday, 7:42 AM | 26 comments
Palo Alto looks to limit chain stores on California Avenue

Days after they celebrated the dramatic renovation of California Avenue, Palo Alto officials are bracing for their next challenge: to save the eclectic business strip from its own success.

Friday, 7:40 AM | 58 comments
Breaking the silence: How youth, adults overcame cultural stigmas against depression and got help

One of the major challenges of coping with mental illness is dealing with the guilt and shame that one often feels. But with the help of local programs, those who suffer from mental disorders are able to overcome the stigma and gain self-esteem.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

State AG releases guidelines for handling of campus sexual assaults

California Attorney General Kamala Harris Wednesday released new guidelines for the handling of campus sexual assault cases spelling out the need for universities to notify and collaborate with local law enforcement in all such cases.

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Palo Alto man arrested for alleged threats

A Palo Alto man was arrested in Mountain View near the Safeway on San Antonio road last week after he threatened to harm someone, and later returned to the same area where police arrested him.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New drought rules limit irrigation in Palo Alto

With the statewide drought lingering for the fourth straight year, Palo Alto this week adopted a new rule barring residents and businesses from irrigating their landscapes more than twice a week.

Wednesday, 4:35 PM | 57 comments
Smash-and-grab burglars hit Bloomingdale's at Stanford Shopping Center

Palo Alto police are looking for four people who drove a stolen sports utility vehicle through the front glass doors of Bloomingdale's at Stanford Shopping Center, at 180 El Camino Real, early Wednesday morning and made off with a large quantity of jewelry.

Wednesday, 10:42 AM | 21 comments
Gunn schedule change wins support, but implementation feels rushed to some

Despite mostly broad support expressed at Tuesday's school board meeting for the structure of a new bell schedule for Gunn High School, an expedited timeline for implementation is raising concern among some students and staff.

Wednesday, 9:38 AM | 60 comments
Palo Alto 'Bike to Work Day' rolls out Thursday

Members of Palo Alto's cycling community are expected to put on their bike helmets and put away their car keys on Thursday morning for the city's annual "Bike to Work Day."

Wednesday, 9:38 AM | 4 comments
Palo Alto woman scares off late-night burglar

Palo Alto police say a woman frightened off a burglar who broke into her home on Hopkins Avenue Tuesday night.

Wednesday, 8:57 AM | 2 comments
Buena Vista appraiser blasts council's direction, threatens to resign

An appraiser tasked by Palo Alto officials with recalculating how much assistance residents of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park should be offered in the event of the park's closure has informed the city that he will not perform the assignment and has threatened to resign if further directed to do so.

Wednesday, 8:25 AM | 33 comments
Some Stanford protestors take plea deal

Five protesters who blocked the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge on Martin Luther King Jr. Day pleaded no contest Monday to misdemeanor obstruction charges, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said today.

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Plan to ban smoking in apartments still up in the air

Smokers in Palo Alto's apartment complexes need not snuff out their cigarette butts just yet. After a long discussion, a City Council committee agreed not to move ahead at this time with a proposal to ban smoking at multi-family buildings.

Wednesday, 12:20 AM | 14 comments

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UPDATE: Power restored in Palo Alto

A power outage in southeast Palo Alto left more than 1,000 residents without power Tuesday morning.

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'Urgent' law aims to prevent retail loss

Seeking to shield local shops against an office incursion, Palo Alto officials unanimously passed late Monday night an emergency law that they hope will halt the troubling trend.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Guest Opinion: The academic 'arms race' and myths about Asians

The Asian culture in the Bay Area needs reformation if the "academic arms race" is to disappear. But it can't disappear if we are all subconsciously letting our prejudices shame our Asian students and families.

Monday, 10:05 PM | 185 comments
Perpetual volunteer Ray Bacchetti dies at 81

For Ray Bacchetti, civic engagement wasn't a lofty ideal so much as a way of life. Bacchetti, a devoted educator, activist and community volunteer, died Sunday, May 10, at Channing House after a battle with cancer.

Monday, 4:19 PM | 24 comments
Shop Talk: Belcampo Meat Co. serves up bone broth and more

Town & Country Village's Belcampo Meat Co. can't keep enough bone broth in stock; lard and lardo are other top sellers.

Monday, 8:53 AM | 8 comments
First Person: A conversation with Sarah Mummah, founder of DreamCatchers and Ph.D. candidate in public health at University of Cambridge and Stanford University

Caution: being near Sarah Mummah can cause healthy habits to form because Mummah believes that if you can change people's behaviors, you can change the world.

Monday, 7:46 AM | 2 comments

Sunday, May 10, 2015

East Palo Alto man dies in car accident

An 18-year-old East Palo Alto man died early Sunday morning after his vehicle struck a tree on northbound state Highway 85 in Mountain View, according to the California Highway Patrol.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Firefighters rescue one from stranded boat, three remain on-board

A water-rescue crew transported one person to shore while assisting a boat in distress near East Palo Alto on Saturday morning, according to firefighters.

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Missing man found safe

UPDATE: A man who went missing from Stanford Hospital on Saturday morning has been found safe at 4:30 p.m., Palo Alto police said.

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Weekly receives top journalism prize -- third year in a row

It's a three-peat for the Palo Alto Weekly: On Saturday, the news organization was selected for the third consecutive year as the best large weekly newspaper in the state through the California Newspaper Publishers Association's Better Newspapers Contest.

Saturday, 3:25 PM | 3 comments
Off Deadline: Searsville proposals muddy San Francisquito Creek flooding questions

There has been a strong push by the group Beyond Searsville Dam to have the dam removed entirely, citing environmental damage to fish and other factors. And there is an equally long-running concern about downstream flooding every decade or so of San Francisquito Creek.

Saturday, 8:06 AM | 4 comments
Students no longer waiting to exhale

Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!), a national organization that delivers mindfulness curricula, from breathing techniques and yoga to lessons on stress and nutrition, to school communities, is launching a pilot program at Gunn High School this fall for all incoming freshmen, with the goal of giving Palo Alto students simple, tangible tools to manage stress.

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