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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

With a sense of urgency, board approves mental health funding

Facing what multiple board members and the superintendent called a public health crisis at Palo Alto's two high schools, the school board voted unanimously Tuesday night to allocate $250,000 in district funds to hire two full-time licensed mental health therapists as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 9:51 PM | 8 comments
Palo Alto man dies after fight at downtown San Jose restaurant

Police are investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a man who was in a fight at a downtown San Jose restaurant and taken to a Palo Alto hospital early Saturday morning, a police spokesman said.

Tuesday, 1:35 PM | 3 comments
Community Notebook: Palo Alto's Crosstown Shuttle service increases April 1

The City of Palo Alto's free Crosstown Shuttle is increasing the frequency of its service to provide better access to local schools and community facilities, the city has announced. The shuttles will run every 30 minutes between 10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

Tuesday, 1:31 PM | 1 comment
Update: District eyes $250,000 in mental health support

The Palo Alto school board will consider tonight the allocation of $250,000 to hire two full-time licensed mental health therapists, one for each high school, according to an updated agenda released Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday, 8:34 AM | 46 comments

Monday, March 30, 2015

Local attorney eyeing U.S. Senate race

Local attorney George "Duf" Sundheim is floating a trial balloon for a possible run for Barbara Boxer's United States Senate seat, which she plans to vacate next year.

Monday, 7:18 PM | 13 comments
Community Notebook: Mental Health Association organizes youth suicide prevention roundtable

The Mental Health Association of San Francisco is organizing a community roundtable on youth suicide prevention for this Thursday evening in Mountain View, featuring a panel discussion with mental health advocate and suicide survivor Kevin Hines, a Palo Alto High School parent and Bay Area high schoolers.

Monday, 7:13 PM | 2 comments
Man exposes himself three times at Stanford Shopping Center

Palo Alto police are searching for a man who allegedly exposed himself to at least three people over the course of an hour at Stanford Shopping Center last Thursday, March 26.

Monday, 4:34 PM | 6 comments
Muslims and Jews share stories, questions over Palo Alto feast

Jews and Muslims mingled in Palo Alto Sunday evening and talked about their faiths in a first-of-its kind "Halaqa-Seder."

Monday, 2:20 PM | 7 comments
'Troubling' cheating allegations at Stanford

Stanford University officials are investigating allegations of a high number of students engaging in cheating, according to a March 24 letter by Provost John Etchemendy to staff and faculty.

Monday, 9:52 AM | 25 comments

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Guest opinion: Miss Wesson's special gift to generations of kids, teachers and parents

A visit with an old school teacher brings back a flood of childhood memories and a reminder of why that teacher was so special — a "gift" that she possessed, one that should be pass to today's teachers and parents.

Sunday, 8:46 AM | 4 comments

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Students ask: What's it like to be me?

The hallways, courtyard and rooms of the Palo Alto Art Center were given over on March 20 to poignant, uninhibited expression and exploration of youth identity: a ceramic bust with empty eyes titled "Look Deeper," an oil painting of a girl with three dark stitches over her mouth, a photograph of a boy sleeping, using an SAT prep book as a pillow.

Saturday, 8:15 AM | 4 comments
Palo Alto eyes emergency law to protect retail

With several longtime retail establishments recently shutting down to make way for offices in downtown Palo Alto, city officials are looking to adopt an emergency law to halt the practice.

Saturday, 8:15 AM | 65 comments

Friday, March 27, 2015

PUBLIC AGENDA: new city clerk, Fiber to Premise master plan, school district website

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of March 30.

Friday, 4:35 PM | No comments yet
Filoli's Cynthia D'Agosta addresses volunteer agreement issue

Filoli's beleaguered executive director, Cynthia D'Agosta, has released a statement in which she apologizes to volunteers for how the divisive volunteer agreement was presented.

Friday, 12:18 PM | 4 comments
Spring into the arts: A fresh new season of arts and entertainment

From an emerging contemporary dance company based in Mountain View to a visit from an innovative folk-punk band from Ukraine, we've sorted through hundreds of happenings to bring you some of spring's hottest arts events.

Friday, 8:55 AM | No comments yet
Editorial: Development limits — a modest start

After a series of three long and exhausting meetings, an ambivalent Palo Alto City Council Monday night mustered an unexpected unanimous vote in support of a modest temporary development limit on new office development downtown, in the California Avenue business district and along El Camino Real.

Friday, 7:34 AM | 24 comments
New East Palo Alto health care center to debut Saturday

After 15 years of operating out of modular buildings, Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto will host a grand opening celebration for its brand-new, 38,000-square-foot facility on March 28 from noon to 4 p.m.

Friday, 7:34 AM | 3 comments
Two men, two divergent lives, one fatal conflict

This week profiles emerged of the two men involved in a suspected murder-suicide at Alta Torre Apartments in Palo Alto. In some ways, they could not have been more different.

Friday, 7:34 AM | 17 comments

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Palo Alto set to hire new assistant city manager

Palo Alto City Manager James Keene is preparing to fill one of City Hall's senior leadership positions in May, when Suzanne Mason starts her new job as the assistant city manager.

Thursday, 4:33 PM | 25 comments
Downtown parking program now set for fall rollout

Initially slated for this spring, Palo Alto's long-awaited residential parking-permit program now is unlikely to fully launch until September, according to a schedule released by the city Wednesday.

Thursday, 9:32 AM | 19 comments
Calling all Palo Alto alumni: Paly grad launches 'Life Gets Better' project

A Palo Alto High School graduate has launched a project to collect video, audio and written testimonies from other alumni to share a message with current students: Life gets better.

Thursday, 8:55 AM | 22 comments
Recall on raw milk distributed in Palo Alto

The state Department of Public Health is warning the public of the dangers of consuming raw milk after six Bay Area residents fell seriously ill, state public health officials announced Tuesday.

Thursday, 7:48 AM | 19 comments

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Palo Alto woman convicted of diamond theft

Angela Walker of Palo Alto was convicted on Tuesday of stealing diamonds from under a clerk's nose at a San Mateo jewelry store last year, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office.

Wednesday, 9:36 PM | 2 comments
Paly school board rep: 'The sorrows of young Palo Altans'

My stress began in elementary school, where students were segregated into separate class meetings as "early" and "late" readers, recalls Carolyn Walworth a junior at Palo Alto High School.

Wednesday, 9:54 AM | 473 comments
District prioritizes mental health support, outreach to Asian-American families

The Palo Alto school district is looking to increase its mental health support and outreach to Asian-American families, with the possibility of a more formal relationship with well-established nonprofit Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) on the horizon.

Wednesday, 9:50 AM | 34 comments

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Teens arrested for attempted burglary in Palo Alto

Three East Palo Alto teenagers were arrested Tuesday morning, March 24, after they apparently tried to break into a home on the 200 block of Hawthorne Avenue, police said.

Tuesday, 8:30 PM | 5 comments
State, federal funds sought to save Buena Vista

The effort to prevent the closure of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park has spread well beyond the city's borders in recent weeks, with state Sen. Jerry Hill, state Assemblyman Rich Gordon and U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo all joining the drive to raise money for the park's preservation.

Tuesday, 3:45 PM | 31 comments
Through art, Stanford students open conversation about mental health

There are 129 pages of raw, intimate and powerful expressions of the experience of both mental and physical illness in "Release.Restart.Review," a literary arts anthology created by and for Stanford University students that focuses on emotional well-being.

Tuesday, 10:31 AM | 1 comment
Palo Alto to roll out curbside pickup for food scraps

Palo Alto wasted no time Monday in approving a new trash-hauling program aimed at diverting local food scraps from landfills.

Tuesday, 10:18 AM | 45 comments
Manager slain at Palo Alto senior complex described as 'strict,' 'kind'

Residents of a Palo Alto senior-housing complex where two men died last Thursday in a suspected murder-suicide are recalling one of the men, building manager Vincent DePaul Collins, as "strict" in enforcing the complex's policies but also "kind."

Tuesday, 9:53 AM | 6 comments
Board to discuss high school mental health services

The Palo Alto school board will have an opportunity to continue community discussions about teen well-being Tuesday night as part of a report on the spectrum of mental health and wellness services available at both of the district's high schools.

Tuesday, 8:59 AM | 23 comments
Palo Alto moves ahead with office cap

Facing a climate of steady office growth and rising community angst, Palo Alto officials on Monday agreed to trudge ahead with a solution that has been galvanizing the local business community: an annual cap on new office space in the city's prime commercial areas.

Tuesday, 1:38 AM | 67 comments

Monday, March 23, 2015

'Topping Off' ceremony held for new Stanford Hospital

Patients, construction workers, employees, physicians, community members, elected officials and donors gathered at the new Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto Monday, March 23, for a "Topping Off" ceremony to celebrate a milestone in the construction of the new facility.

Monday, 5:51 PM | 8 comments
Burglary suspect arrested after standoff in Palo Alto home

Palo Alto police arrested a 26-year-old man who barricaded himself in a home on the 900 block of Elsinore Drive, following a police pursuit Monday afternoon, police said.

Monday, 2:18 PM | 8 comments

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Redwood's removal sparks dismay

It's happened again: A long-standing redwood that residents in one Palo Alto neighborhood have come to love has been cut down to make way for development, causing some to question why the city's Heritage Tree ordinance didn't protect it.

Sunday, 8:03 AM | 33 comments

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Victims identified in suspected murder-suicide in Palo Alto

Residents of a Palo Alto senior-housing complex where two men died last Thursday in a suspected murder-suicide are recalling one of the men, building manager Vincent DePaul Collins, as "strict" in enforcing the complex's policies but also "kind."

Saturday, 8:39 PM | 22 comments
Big growth spurt eyed for Junior Museum & Zoo

Palo Alto's Junior Museum & Zoo would be demolished and rebuilt at twice its current size as part of an ambitious makeover that the city is now launching at the popular Rinconada Park attraction.

Saturday, 8:44 AM | 29 comments
Google opposes limit on Palo Alto office growth

With debate over commercial growth in Palo Alto set to reignite on Monday night, Google has joined the growing ranks of tech titans, small businesses and architects opposing an annual cap on new office and research space.

Saturday, 8:43 AM | 48 comments

Friday, March 20, 2015

VIDEO: Riding for life

This Sunday, March 22, stroke survivor Sean Maloney will kick-off his cross-country bike ride at Palo Alto City Hall. The event will run from 10 a.m. to noon and include free blood pressure checks, carotid artery scans, heart-healthy food and raffles from corporate sponsors.

Friday, 10:12 PM | No comments yet
PUBLIC AGENDA: water tax, compost collection, bike path

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of March 23.

Friday, 7:56 PM | No comments yet
Community notebook: Little League gets gift, plans capital campaign

It's usually not a good thing in baseball to be on the bench, but at the Palo Alto Little League (PALL) ballpark on Middlefield Road, the installation of three new benches for spectators has turned that around.

Friday, 3:20 PM | 6 comments
Palo Alto reaches settlement with Turner Construction over delayed library project

Months after Palo Alto ended its feud with the contractor responsible for the delayed reconstruction of the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center, the city has reached a separate settlement with the management firm that was tasked with overseeing that contractor.

Friday, 2:02 PM | 2 comments
Medical Foundation doctors issue advice on youth mental health

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation pediatrics department took an unprecedented step into the community debate on teen well-being this week, offering strong recommendations on several factors they see as key to bolstering students' mental health.

Friday, 8:23 AM | 8 comments
Should student sex offenders be expelled?

Expulsion for sexual assault is still seen as a radical policy that only a few universities have been willing to adopt. In its history, Stanford University has only expelled one student for sexual assault.

Friday, 8:09 AM | 5 comments
Stanford under pressure to reform sexual-assault policies

Emma Sulkowicz at Columbia, Leah Francis at Stanford University, Lena Sclove at Brown University, Tucker Reed at the University of Southern California, among others, have become synonymous with campus sexual-assault issues. The firestorm of student activism they ignited propelled a social movement that has made sexual assault impossible for university administrations, including Stanford, to ignore.

Friday, 8:09 AM | 4 comments
Guest Opinion: What we can do to reduce risk for our teens

The pediatricians of Palo Alto Medical Foundation are deeply saddened by the local recent events. The loss of a young person's life is always a tragedy but especially so when preventable. As a medical group and a community we must ask ourselves what we can do differently.

Friday, 8:07 AM | 240 comments

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two people dead at south Palo Alto housing complex

Police are investigating two deaths on Fabian Way this afternoon, including one that may have been caused by a gunshot.

Thursday, 4:28 PM | No comments yet
Police investigate possible murder-suicide in Palo Alto

Two men were found shot dead at a Palo Alto senior-housing development on Thursday afternoon in what police believe to be a murder suicide. The victims were a tenant and a building manager, a resident told the Weekly.

Thursday, 4:25 PM | 10 comments
Woman interrupts home burglary in Palo Alto

A Palo Alto resident thwarted an attempted burglary of her home, according to Palo Alto police.

Thursday, 1:36 PM | 6 comments
Downtown parking program delayed after union criticism

Palo Alto's long-awaited downtown parking-permit program will be delayed by at least three months because of concerns from City Hall's largest union.

Thursday, 9:48 AM | 46 comments
Health professionals urge board to consider later school-start times

Thirty-five local and regional health professionals sent a letter to the Palo Alto school board and superintendent Wednesday, urging the district to align itself with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that high schools students start their days no earlier than 8:30 a.m. The number of signatures grew to 60 over the weekend.

Thursday, 9:33 AM | 63 comments
East Palo Alto man arrested on suspicion of home burglary

An East Palo Alto man was arrested during a Menlo Park traffic stop for allegedly burglarizing a home and stealing a bottle of wine and truck that he later crashed, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney's office.

Thursday, 7:53 AM | 1 comment
State sets new mandatory water restrictions for urban areas

California's State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously Wednesday to impose new mandatory restrictions on urban water use as the state

Thursday, 7:40 AM | 21 comments

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