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Serena Amidst the Smoky Mountains, circa 1929, a power couple conspires to expand its lumber enterprise, even if it means ... muuuurder! It's a story ripe for dark atmosphere, social satire or self-consciously melodramatic brio, but "Serena" -- as adapted b...... Read the full review

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"Grand opening at SSL"
At the opening of The Bob McFarland Test Facility on Oct. 7, 2014, from left: John Celli, president of SSL; Brenda McFarland, widow of Bob McFarland; Chip Koehler, executive director, programs, SSL; and Palo Alto Mayor Nancy Shepherd. Submitted by Wendy Lewis on Oct 10, 2014

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Spring into the arts
From an emerging contemporary dance company based in Mountain View to a visit from an innovative folk-punk band from Ukraine, we've sorted through hundreds of happenings to bring you some of spring's hottest arts events. Thursday, 12:29 PM

From Palo Alto to State Bird
San Francisco's hottest chef, Stuart Brioza, might not work with food at all if it weren't for two Palo Alto restaurants and one East Palo Alto pepper farm. Thursday, 11:07 AM

The mouse that roared
Based on a 1968 computer science demonstration that rocked the tech world, electronic opera "The Demo" will have its world premiere next Wednesday, April 1, at Stanford. Thursday, 11:24 AM

Worth a Look: Singing Jewish cowboy, tall ship tours and more
This week, take part in a canon battle at sea, hear a concert by a singing Jewish cowboy and take the whole family to the first-ever Cubberley Community Day. Wednesday, 3:02 PM

Palo Alto's up-and-coming teen actress
Palo Alto Preparatory School freshman Angelina Wahler stars in the new animated Nickelodeon series, "Harvey Beaks," which premieres this Sunday, March 29. Wednesday, 3:07 PM

Shop Talk: Palo Alto wine flies off the shelves, Hudson Grace comes to T&C
Grocery Outlet watches Palo Alto wine fly off its shelves, while Town & Country welcomes new specialty shops Hudson Grace and diptyque. Thursday, 10:50 AM

The spirit of jazz
As part of its spring program, "Rapture," Menlowe Ballet has commissioned Oakland-based jazz choreographer Reginald Savage to create a new work on the company. Set to the music of Dave Brubeck, "Bru's Sweet" evokes the jazz spirit of the 1950s. Thursday, 11:23 AM

Art in Action fundraiser honors Google doodler
Art in Action, the Menlo Park-based nonprofit that provides art education to children, is holding a fundraiser, "Object:Art," on Friday, March 27, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Tuesday, 3:30 PM

Culinary crazy quilt
Mixx, the newish restaurant entity next to über-popular Cascal on Castro Street in downtown Mountain View, is just what its name implies: a crazy quilt of casual fusion dishes from around the world. Thursday, 11:42 AM

Fire and ice
Set in an Indian restaurant in Cleveland during a swirling winter storm, "The Lake Effect" explores tense family dynamics, the immigrant experience and the power of grief to stir up long-buried pain. Thursday, 10:42 AM

Superfruit smoothies

Worth a Look: Steampunk circus, author Joyce Carol Oates and more


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