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Inferno Once again, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) finds himself on a seemingly endless trail of clues in “Inferno," the third installment of director Ron Howard's series of films based on the books by Dan Brown. The film begins with kinetic editing and a ...... Read the full review

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"Sidewalk Art"
At a past Palo Alto Art Festival Submitted by Laurie Naiman on Aug 18, 2011

A&E Features

An ode to the object
Jenny Odell's "Bureau of Suspended Objects," currently on display at the Palo Alto Art Center, provokes the viewer to think about what defines art and what is relegated to rubbish. Wednesday, 3:28 PM

Soup for the soul
With November just days away and rain in the forecast, fall is fully upon us. It's high time to switch from cold salads to warm, comforting soups. Two local chefs share their recipes. Thursday, 10:29 AM

Shop Talk: Mayfield refocuses; new Anthropologie to open
In this week's Shop Talk column, read about a Palo Alto sixth grader designing bandanas and bowties for dogs; a new focus at Mayfield Bakery & Cafe; and the closure and reopening of Anthropologie. Thursday, 10:56 AM

Autumn 'Awakening'
Teen suicide. Academic pressure. Consent versus sexual assault. Questions about identity, health and love. These issues are likely all-too familiar to teens and college students, but they're not new. Frank Wedekind explored these topics back in 1891 when he wrote his oft-censored play "Spring Awakening." The hit musical of the same name will be staged in Stanford's recently renovated Roble Studio Theater Oct. 27-Nov. 5. Wednesday, 3:17 PM

Extraterrestrial real estate?
Elon Musk's ambitious and far-out plan to build cities on Mars may be evoking skepticism, but the colonization of Mars might not be too far off, according to a new book that explores what it may take to send humans to the Red Planet and have them stay there safely for generations. Thursday, 9:05 AM

Worth a Look
The Menlo Park-based dance company Menlowe Ballet, which offers audiences a blend of classical, contemporary and cultural dance, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with "Tribute," a program featuring two world premieres, a signature revival and a classical work. Wednesday, 1:45 PM

Book Talk

A Scottish primer

The kids are alright

Sister sojourners


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