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Lucy Big-budget mind-expansion sci-fi has been a thing of late, with "Limitless," "Transcendence" and now Luc Besson's "Lucy" exploring what happens when humanity gains "access to previously unexplored cerebral zones." Only one of these three pictures is ...... Read the full review

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"Rainbow over Izzy's"
May 28, 2011: Evening rainbow forms over Izzy's Bagels on California Street. Submitted by Bob S on May 28, 2011

A&E Features

Works from major American artists gifted to Stanford
Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center has acquired three significant gifts of American art, securing a solid place in the museum's permanent collection of major 20th century works. Monday, 10:11 AM

Mobile digital art goes mainstream
A three-day event coming up at Palo Alto's Pacific Art League, the mDAC -- Mobile Digital Art Exhibition and Mobile Digital Arts & Creativity Summit -- will give viewers and participants a chance to experience how far the boundaries between art and technology are expanding. Friday, 7:57 AM

Grammy winner Shawn Colvin performing at Stanford Aug. 2
When Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin comes to Stanford Bing Concert Hall on Aug. 2, she'll bring just two things: herself and her guitar. Friday, 8:00 AM

Worth A Look
Worth A Look this week: the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival comes to town; a two-day flood of blues and barbecue coming to Redwood City; Foothill Music Theatre puts on a Broadway classic.
Friday, 7:58 AM

Welcome to the chef's table
There's a room in Palo Alto where foodies gather once a month around a long, communal table to experience an intimate, specially curated meal. The menu is unique, different and unpredictable, entirely in the hands of the chef each time. People have been returning again and again for more. Friday, 7:58 AM

Better with beer

The people behind the puppets

Pacific Catch makes a splash



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